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How to make full use of container shipping space in international logistics

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
Many immigrants in logistics abroad if more items, the international logistics consultant will suggest the way they choose a shipping container for transportation. Container transport carrier, as the world most popular because of its standard cargo space and general process and acceptable. A lot of people when they ship the container will be questioned, full container? Container utilization is as high as international logistics consultant said, and so on. Today we have in view of the consumers doubt the container utilization is low, we in the following ways for technical explanation and analysis. To establish a new approach to design is suitable for the packing container. Elected a container for vehicle, carrier space is confirmed, when some packing way to determine, the volume of the goods box packing should also be roughly determined. At present in the international logistics to use the common container, more common in accordance with the size can be divided into: it 20 feet, 40 feet and 40 tall ark three, the loading volume respectively: 24 - 26 cubic, 54 cubic and 68 cubic meters. How to obtain the maximum number of loading container? We say we must meet two conditions: first, the packing as much as possible the goods to be loaded. Second, a container to load the container of as much as possible. In order to achieve the two, were designed and manufactured by our own patented and measuring tools - - - - - - - Three calipers. 3 d caliper can cause a relatively closed condition, measure the goods. Goods all inclusive, and under certain extrusion, which can measure the box the real volume of the goods. Way to change the stacking of the goods, and can be measured a number of actual volume of different shapes and related packing thickness can be different packing volume, these boxes are calculated using the respectively, can be different packing quantity, so it is not difficult to choose suitable for the container box. At the same time, can also according to need, to form adjustment, improve the box. The best box is generally can be determined. The vast majority of goods box can take many forms, one can always find the most suitable for the container box. At the same time, can also according to need, to form adjustment, improve the box. We can follow the principle of such thinking, it is not hard to achieve a goal: 1) If we can change the packing of the goods rate, packing number is different, the dimensions must be different; 2) The arrangement of goods if we can change, the arrangement is different, the dimensions must be different; 3) Packing is open direction can be changed, open in a different direction, the dimensions will be different ( Open direction packing size big size than other direction) 。 Below is VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp in the figure, when packing the container for 40 feet big cabinet: 【 Start packing 】 【 Box above the space makes full use of 】 【 Don't waste any space 】
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