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How to deal with family reunion in Canada

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
Family reunion migrants mainly refers to the family members and relatives go to Canada, and has become a Canadian permanent resident or citizen and kinds of family reunion migrants living in Canada. Canadian permanent resident or citizen can apply to the parents, spouses and children or unmarried couples, such application is focused on the applicant and relatives in Canada, so the points system is not suitable for such application, such as apply for the spouse and children not into years, only need to document of the applicant's spouse in Canada's immigration status, and no income limit, the applicant only by physical examination and good behavior, can get their immigration status, and apply for the parents, or adult children, but a full-time student or unmarried couples need to have enough income to support to deal with. According to the characteristics of the application requirements, generally can be divided into two types. The first kind of family reunion: refers to a small family, Her spouse and minor children) , one of the husband and wife in Canada, outside of the family members to apply for to add together. For this kind of the evaluation of the applicant, the relatively simple, largely considered only to verify the authenticity of this relationship. To the applicant ( The party did not get the Canadian identity) The background of the main audit if it have a criminal record and necessary physical examination. To the guarantor, In Canada have obtained the identity of the party) There is no clear property or income. The guarantor can also be allowed to even without work. But in some cases, the most basic source of life is also a consideration of examination and approval. The second category of family reunion: can include parents, grandparents, and future husband/wife. This kind of application is similar to the above mentioned family apply for. The difference is that parents, grandparents and future husband/wife, to guarantee the guarantor must provide adequate proof of earnings. The main is based on 12 months before the guarantor proof of earnings. If there is no stable income only deposit is not working. For different cities, according to the different family population ( Including in the population of Canada and draw up to add) Citizenship and immigration, has the minimum cost of living. Guarantor before 12 months of income must be equal to or greater than the specified value is allowed to. Unmarried couples ( Have a formal engagement but has not been married) If to add in the form of guarantee, must be married within 90 days after the entry, or have to leave. Either as an accompanying family members and the principal applicant to apply for, or as a family to move in the form of family reunion, the family also has the corresponding definition of identity. If already divorce, the guarantor of minor children must have custody. Even if the former spouse has a corresponding obligation to apply for children, divorced spouses also not as relatives to add. Children should be under the age of 22, and unmarried. If their children more than 22 years old, you must have been in school full-time, economically dependent on their parents; During their school break accumulated shall not exceed one year. Or a mental or physical disability, life cannot be independent. Due to immigration need to do a physical audit process, if you have serious diseases or infectious diseases, application is likely to be rejected. But the above definition to add children the last of the kind of situation. In addition, the elderly often physical examination might be a problem. In the past several years, there are some weak due to a medical family of refused to appeal. This problem has caused the attention of the immigration, which may be adjusted in the future legislation.
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