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How to choose the transnational logistics lp? What are the considerations of transnational logistics?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
As is known to all, logistics is a pesters a thing, let alone a multinational logistics. For immigration or to go abroad to work, in the face of the logistics distance, process trival, time span long and a series of problems, how to choose the suitable multinational logistics lp, ensure the smooth customs clearance items, safety arrived in a new house? VIPU international Supply Chain according to their own years of experience in international logistics service, answer these questions one by one to you. A, choose suitable international logistics lp international logistics because of the distance, process trival, long time span, etc, to undertake such business logistics lp highly demanding. Not only with proficient foreign language professional service personnel, and in the customs clearance, logistics and other links must have certain experience and rich external resources. Suitable for customer shipment plan and timely follow up each link, control the progress and feedback to customer, to ensure the safety of customers goods smooth customs clearance, delivery destination, these are all qualified international logistics lp must fulfill the responsibility and obligation. And choose a suitable for their own international logistics lp, after understanding the above content, still should according to their own goal of immigration country, targeted to investigate whether logistics lp has in the local service team, can provide door to door logistics services, can provide customers with such as home decoration, home cleaning, electrical installation and other services. Second, choose by sea or by air service international logistics lp done mainly by sea and air transport service. Relatively, the LCL shipping service price will be cheaper than by air, but the delivery time will be relatively longer. You can choose according to their actual needs. In general, the transport service contains two ways: 1, port to port service: from the port to destination port or airport; 2, door to door service: from the place where the goods door to door delivery to destination. Either way, private large goods transport must ask logistics lp to provide one-stop door to door service, it saves a lot of trouble. Three, packing items the items can be according to the types of goods, value, size, weight and other factors to select different packaging materials and packaging. Professional international logistics lp in signed an agreement with a customer indicate the quantity of the goods, type and the corresponding packing and price. The following points you need to give special attention to: 1, the electric appliance, piano, furniture, ceramics, handicraft overweight or precious, fragile goods, it is recommended that you choose to wooden case packing, in case of extrusion is damaged. 2, daily necessities, books and other items are packed in cartons. 3, if there is a long, large, overweight, to accurately the length, width and height of the item in advance inform logistics lp, size and weight for booking space smoothly. Four, understand the basic process of the customs declaration, customs clearance many clients as soon as the customs have a headache, and always feel very trouble dealing with them. In fact, after the understanding, the following, this is not a problem. Heart, there is no number please VIPU Supply Chain of the staff provide a memo for you. A: if you are overseas immigrants: please take passport, visa, buy new invoice, detailed list items, volume and estimate the weight of the list. B: if you are in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao residents: please bring Taiwan compatriots certificate ( Or residence permit) , certificate of study or work, new goods, invoice, item list, and estimate the weight of the volume list. C: if you are a foreigner: please take passport, visa, buy new invoice, work permit, residence permit, detailed list ( Signature required) Listing, and estimate the volume weight. D: buy goods ( Only for foreigners) : please provide the passport, visa, customs a power of attorney, detailed list of goods ( Signature required) , invoice, foreign exchange form. ( Note: the above documents in customs clearance, customs requirements must provide the original) 。 Five, the port to pick up the goods and delivery when the ship or aircraft after arriving at the destination, if you choose the VIPU door to door one-stop service Supply Chain, international logistics lp will inform you the recipient of abroad, then agreed time, door-to-door delivery. If you have any special service team, logistics lp after delivery, can also help you to pull down packaging, put items to go, to house cleaning and packaging waste. ( This part of the service may need to pay extra, please sign the agreement when clear beforehand) 。 If you choose the door to port service, it needs to you after receiving notification, proxy data shown on the bill of lading, the ship or aircraft is to the port to the query to the agency on the day of port information, to handle the customs clearance, pay fee to the agency, pick up the goods. Please note that the port of destination customs clearance passport must be consistent with the place of customs declaration passport, please bring English cargo list to pick up the goods. In addition, if you have not pick up the goods within 3 working days, may produce storage charges, and shall be responsible for by you. ( The specific date of free storage and cost please and multinational logistics lp clear beforehand) 。 No matter choose door to door, or door to port. There is a possible cost is the customs checking fee. If your items are sampling to, regardless of contraband, the cost is must need to pay it. ( The specific rates can and VIPU multinational Supply Chain logistics lp consulting confirmation) 。
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