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How long will it take to get to Malaysia _VIPUTRANS shenzhen send international Courier

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-19
Malaysia is located in Asia, the distance from China is too are only a few thousand kilometers, and with the development of foreign trade in recent years, the contact between the two countries are also growing up. Now China is a lot of Chinese development in Malaysia, doing all kinds of business. Someone where there is a market, it must be, that many sellers want to domestic cheap and fine products from pin to Malaysia? So how long will it take to send the international express delivery Malaysia, China is a cross-border logistics industry under the old driver tell you about. Want to send to Malaysia how long will it take, we'll learn about the Chinese & ndash; Malaysia's distance. 1, Beijing, China & ndash; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia = 4651. 6 km 2, guangzhou, China, & ndash; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia = 2553. 9 km & ndash; 3, Shanghai, China Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia = 3752. 9 km from the distance you can see that the basic can be sent to Malaysia on the same day in the city. So the most important is the mode of transportation, generally speaking, there are several most common ways of logistics delivery. 1, shipping, in terms of experience, China sea transportation to Malaysia, 15 days can reach. 2, air transport by air is faster, but there is no door, more troublesome, an average of 3 days can arrive. 3, international express, international express delivery to Malaysia, famous express company, UPS, TNT, DHL, listen to my clients, about 2 - DHL - - - - - - 3 days can arrive? About 3 - FEDEX - - - - - - 5 days to reach. EMS about 7 days to arrive, so also depends on what kind of Courier you choose the mode of transportation. Note: China send the international express delivery to pay attention to the product transportation, don't send it to the contraband, otherwise your products are hard to come back, many may be detained by the customs. On China's international express to you today, how long will it take to get to Malaysia this to many respects, such as the international express delivery, time, and price, logistics companies need to be aware of, the following is to introduce you to here,
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