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How does Amazon head logistics deliver goods?

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-05
Amazon FBA head service is a one-stop logistics service for cross-border e-commerce platform warehousing, picking, packing and delivery, collection, customer service and return processing. How does Amazon head logistics deliver goods? What are the delivery steps of Amazon first-way logistics? Let's take a look! Amazon FBA initial process operation process step 1 enter the management inventory through the background to convert Amazon FBA distribution, enter the page goods delivery attributes, FBA distribution conversion, directly in the far left of the listing directly check, click convert FBA distribution in 'edit' at the far right of the page listing. Enter the managed inventory and switch to Amazon FBA distribution 2 through the background. Select the goods shipped by Amazon FBA and check the seller information. After selecting the goods shipped by FBA, the system will jump to the interface to confirm the conversion, after clicking the conversion, the system will jump to the start-up item, the place of departure, and the type of packaging. After determining the place of departure and the type of packaging, after checking the seller's information, click 'continue to process the warehousing plan '. Amazon FBA Head course operation process step 2 3 select the package size of the goods and prepare the original package size of the goods provided by the manufacturer (Inches) , Enter the package size of the product, then click 'save' to continue with the next step of 'preparing the product'. After confirming that there is no problem, click 'continue' to proceed to the next step. Amazon FBA initial process operation process step 3 4 commodity labeling, check the goods, go to the 'label for goods' page, 'Print this page label', print out the SKU label, do not label each product with the wrong SKU label. Check the shipping place, packaging type, including goods, goods preparation fee, etc. on the interface. The products created by the seller may be divided into positions, assigned to different Amazon FBA warehouses, if the seller does not want to divide the warehouse, you can pay a certain fee, set up the warehouse in the background in advance, confirm the information, the seller can also see the 'destination ', that is, the FBA address. Amazon FBA head-to-head operation process step 4 5 prepare cargo information. In this interface, the seller checks the goods in the shipment, selects the transportation service, sets the box information, prints the shipment label, and sets it up, go to the next step. Amazon FBA Head course operation process step 5 6. Enter the logistics order number. Finally, after entering the logistics order number, the steps are completed and handed over to the transportation company and sent to the Amazon FBA warehouse.
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