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Furniture export shipping go LCL cargo six practical skills!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-08
International shipping will generally choose the container to transport, container transport according to how much goods can be divided into FCL and LCL, LCL is at present more popular a kind of international transportation. We VIPU international shipping logistics international logistics Supply Chain will be according to the need to transport the goods, advise clients to choose package FCL or LCL. Small make up today, will come to tell you about when we export furniture shipping go LCL cargo six practical tips. 1、“ consolidate” English is LCL, in international trade and transport or & other; consol” 。 2, generally can't accept LCL cargo to specify a particular shipping company, shipping company only accept the whole container cargo booking, rather than directly accept LCL cargo shipping booking, it is only through freight forwarders ( Individual strength of ship company, through its logistics company) Spell the whole to LCL cargo to ship company booking, almost all of the LCL goods is through the forwarder company & other; Do, centralization distribution & throughout; To realize the transportation, LCL feeder port in east China basically for Shanghai. General freight forwarders because of the limitations on supply of goods, can only focus to several ship company booking, few can meet the demand of the designated shipping company, so in clinch a deal the LCL cargo, try not to accept the specified shipping company, in order to avoid when check it cannot meet the requirements. 3, clinch a deal in the negotiation with customer, should pay special attention to the related terms, in order to avoid each other in check after the l/c only to find that cannot meet the shipping terms. We often meet in daily operation L/C rules do not accept LCL cargo transport freight forwarders bill of lading, directly from a ship company does not accept LCL cargo booking, ocean bills of lading ship company is out to freight forwarders, and issued by freight forwarders again HOUSEB/L to the shipper, if L/C shall not accept freight forwarders B/L, so deal with the actual transportation when there is no choice, will cause the discrepancy of L/C. 4, LCL cargo billing tons will be accurate. LCL cargo before delivery, should ask the factory to the goods weight and size of measurement to be as accurate as possible delivery to the forwarder designated warehouses, warehouse will generally to measure, and will be in charge standard to measure the size and weight. In case of the factory to change the packing, should be required to promptly notify the factory, don't wait for the arrival of the goods to the forwarder warehouse, through the forwarder feedback, the information is often time is very tight, then change according to customs declaration, it is easy to delay the customs clearance, or producing the urgent customs clearance fee and port fee, etc. 5, some port for LCL supply shortage, cause of the high cost, specializing LCL forwarder company to take goods cargo less minimum charge standard, such as the minimum is 2 freight ton, is less than 2 freight ton, and shall be measured at the two freight ton in charge. So the cargo is small, the partial cargo to consider when to clinch a deal to some of these factors, lest passive in the future. 6, for some of the routes and port is remote, and put forward to the customer delivery to inland point LCL goods, clinch a deal before signing the best advice, confirm with shipping company and forwarder company can undertake to deal with these remote ports and inland points delivery and related fees before signing. Edit summary: the above is the small make up for each friend summed up six when shipping LCL and practical tips. If the customer does not have many items, except maybe choose bulk, you can also choose LCL consignment, this way the general operation for the customer by our international logistics lp. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free.
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