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Freezer (freezer) business operations, these still

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
The refrigerated container is a special container specially designed for the transportation of fish, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables and other foods. Because of the particularity of the loaded goods, it needs to pay special attention to time nodes in the business links such as customs declaration trailers.

Freezer common sense:

Refrigerated container

   reefer container

   insulated container

   Closed containers that transport fresh fish, fresh meat, frozen food, fruits, vegetables, films, medicines and other goods that need to be kept at a certain temperature. There are two types: refrigerated container and insulated container.

   (1) A refrigerated container is generally equipped with a built-in refrigerating device at the front end of the container. When the freezer is working, the cold air blows out from the ventilation pipe at the rear end of the box through the gap between the ribs on the box wall and the ventilation guide rail at the bottom of the box, and returns to the freezer for looping through the cold air suction port on the front wall. In order to improve the cooling effect, the entire refrigerated container's wall, top and bottom are covered with insulating materials. The working temperature of the refrigerated container is between -28℃~+26℃. According to the needs of the cargo, it can be automatically adjusted to keep the temperature inside the container unchanged.

   (2) Insulated containers are mainly used for loading fresh goods such as fruits and vegetables. Generally, dry ice and other refrigerants are used to prevent excessive temperature rise in the box, and the usual holding time is about 72 hours. There are adequate heat-proof structures around and above and below the box.


Cabinet time:

Because the freezer requires pre-cooling and testing, it is necessary to arrange the trailer in advance to ensure that there is enough time for booking/PTI/pre-cooling/to the factory; at the same time, consider the terminal free period, and the return time cannot exceed the free period If the packing place is far away, you need to make appropriate time adjustments.

A. PTI (Freezer Inspection): It usually takes 4 to 8 hours for shipping companies to do PTI.

B. PRE-COOL: It usually takes 8 to 12 hours for the shipping company to do it.

C. Free storage period: The general shipping company free storage period is 3 days (including the first 3 days of the customs clearance date, but some shipping companies calculate based on the departure date), so you must confirm with the shipping company before booking. .

D. Container-free charter: General shipping company’s container-free charter period is 3 days. (Special LYKES free cabinet rental period is 2 days)



Closing time:

Ensure that there is enough time for customs declaration, boarding, and response to emergencies.

A. If you seal the customs at the customer's place of origin, and then transfer to the customs, you must reserve at least one day for customs declaration.

B. If the customer clears the general trade at the customs, it needs to reserve two to three days for customs declaration

Handling of special circumstances: If you encounter unexpected events in the afternoon of the customs clearance date (such as customs inspections, etc.), if you cannot declare and release on time, you need to immediately apply to the shipping company for the delay of the time of receipt and release, and confirm with the shipping company. The exact time of the ship. If the ship will sail in the afternoon or evening of the next day, it is very hopeful to apply to the shipping company to extend the time of the release note to noon or afternoon of the next day (because the shipping company will usually find a way to make it as cold as possible Cabinet on board).

Product name and gross weight:

A. You must provide detailed goods when booking with the shipping company. It is best to provide the product name in both Chinese and English. If the customer cannot provide the exact product name under special circumstances, at least the category of the product, such as: fruits, vegetables, seafood, beef Meatballs, fish balls, silkworm pupae, etc.

B. The shipping company needs to provide the gross weight of the cargo when booking, because some ports have limited weight requirements. For example, South Korea’s BUSAN requires that the gross weight of the cargo cannot exceed 23 tons.

Temperature and ventilation:

(1) The adjustable temperature range of the freezer is generally: between minus 21 degrees Celsius and positive 18 degrees Celsius
(2) The adjustable ventilation range of the freezer is about 0 CBM/HOUR~~240CBM/HOUR.

(3) In order to ensure the safe storage and transportation of frozen goods, it is necessary to carefully confirm the requirements of temperature, ventilation, and pre-cooling when ordering warehouses. In general, frozen goods (below 0°C) do not require ventilation, and only refrigerated and fresh goods (fruits and vegetables that are fresh above 0°C) need ventilation.

Commodity inspection, customs declaration requirements, CWI

CWI: General trade customs clearance is required in Shenzhen, and CWI is generally required; if the customs is sealed at the place of production and then transferred to Shenzhen, CWI is generally not required, and the specifics must be confirmed with the customer.

A. CWI bill: This bill is issued by the yard where the container is picked up. The unit price is generally 180 RMB/cabinet (reference data).

B. Original CWI: This form needs to be taken to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for renewal. Some shipping companies can apply to the Commodity Inspection Bureau to directly issue the original CWI for their customers, but they need to apply to the shipping company for this service two working days before the freezer time. Shipping companies currently providing this service include: OOCL, YML, etc. The cost of this service by the shipping company is about 425 RMB/container (reference data).

Trailer transportation confirmation

In peak seasons, it is generally necessary to reserve a car with the fleet 3 days before the counter, and try to avoid the situation where there is no car to dispatch.

Freezer booking

Fill out the booking form according to the shipowner’s requirements and send it to the shipowner. Note the following:

1) Ship schedule/port of departure/port of destination

2) Ventilation/temperature/CWI

3) Do you need pre-cooling/removing time

4) Special requirements for freezers (whether to defrost)

5) Container type/quantity/goods

Freezer booking confirmation

Notify the customer that the booking and trailer have been arranged, including:

1. Booking information: shipping schedule/container type/POL/POD

2. Towing information: confirm the time of the cabinet/towing and driver information (or make up time)

Freezer to make cabinet

1. Notify the driver that the refrigerator needs to be refrigerated throughout the transportation process. If the on-board generator fails during the transportation process, and the refrigerator cannot be cooled normally, the team is required to immediately notify the team and let the team take immediate remedial measures (such as repairing the generator, changing the vehicle) Wait).

2. Keep an eye on the loading dynamics: whether it arrives on time and the loading progress.

Freezer customs declaration

If you encounter unexpected events in the afternoon on the customs clearance day (such as customs inspections, etc.), and you cannot declare and release on time, you need to immediately apply to the shipping company for the time to postpone the receipt and release slip, and confirm with the shipping company the exact time of departure . If the ship will sail in the afternoon or evening of the next day, it is very hopeful to apply to the shipping company to extend the time of the release note to noon or afternoon of the next day (because the shipping company will usually find a way to make it as cold as possible Cabinet on board). At the same time, timely feedback the actual situation of the customs declaration to the customer

Bill of lading, bill confirmation and delivery

Notes at this stage:

1. Due to the high risk of the freezer, it is generally recommended that the customer issue the owner's order, which can also reduce the risk of the freight forwarding company.

2. When approaching ocean routes, it is recommended that customers use the form of ship order and telex release. Because the free storage period of the freezer at the port of destination is relatively short (1~3 days), the shipowner's electrical release is used to facilitate the consignee to handle the withdrawal procedures smoothly and quickly at the port of destination.

3. Under normal circumstances, near-ocean routes need to send relevant information to the agent at least 1 day before the arrival of the cargo; ocean routes need to send relevant information to the agent 3 days before the arrival of the cargo.
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