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Forwarder in central Europe trains _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-28
In 2011, the first china-eu trains since the successful operation; In 2014, the country to 239 container trains in operation in Europe in 2016, to achieve a week go three shifts, return three shifts; The 62 Chinese cities in 2019, unicom and 51 cities in 15 countries of Europe, spread the route 68. Central European trains as throughout Eurasia land fast channel, transportation services increasingly mature and improve, attracted the attention of more and more cross-border enterprises, has become the development of foreign trade transport corridor. For za cross-border freight forwarders people, the implementation of the central European trains, is undoubtedly the new channels for new opportunities! But at present, the advantage of some challenges still exist! A, china-eu trains have what advantage? Central European trains have their own advantages, strong let people attract many logistics, such as high safety coefficient and price advantage, the aging safeguard, is undoubtedly a very has the potential opportunities and channels! 1, fortunately, aging from China to Europe, st Petersburg, shipping the goods need to 35 days to 50 days, railway just 15 days, arrived in Moscow only 11 days, this greatly reduces the time cost and improve the logistics time. For cross-border logistics, the cost of time is, the shorter the time, the faster the turnover! 2, but the price for logistics, the price advantage can bring great competition. And just railway transport price advantage, is obvious. It is known that the freight trains central Europe in 2018 than in 2015 fell by 30%, only about 1/5 of the air, is a kind of more economic and convenient good channel. 3, to be stable by sea and air transportation is affected by the natural weather is bigger, more uncontrollable factors, accidentally appear delay delay situation. Relative to ocean and rail transport and air freight, affected by the natural environment is small, to a certain extent will be more stable and secure. 4, to be diversified china-eu trains to the category of the cover is larger, the service also more diversified, category aspects from the earliest a single IT products, such as notebook computers, and the development to the clothing shoes and hats, daily provisions, food, wood, etc. Logistics services, and value-added, such as incubator, cooler, open box, hanging suitcase, and various characteristics of LCL service, has accounted for more than half of trains on a visit to. Second, what are the challenges central trains? Although central class as freight forwarders people bring new opportunities, but also have a lot of challenges and difficulties. Such as operation is not standard, the problem such as malignant competition, weaken the influence of trains operation in central Europe. 1, insufficient supply vicious competition due to the supply of goods, the parties to rob supply of goods, the interacting each other, loss-leader mess. Current china-eu trains per teu transportation cost is not less than $6000, as some class for only half of the cost of freight for supply of goods, at the operating loss caused, by government subsidies maintained! Local financial subsidies standards from 2000 yuan to 4000 yuan per container, some even reached 6000 yuan. 2, backward countries supporting infrastructure along the central trains way to central Asia, Russia, east central Europe, Mongolia and other countries, many of them national infrastructure construction lag, the low degree of informatization, multimodal transport and distribution there are a lot of difficulties, goods storage, transhipment is not smooth, to a certain extent affect the china-eu trains to reduce costs. More than 3, the formalities of customs clearance procedures more central European country trains through more, each country has different programs, quarantine, customs and other aspects of different level waste time cost. Arrived and customs clearance procedures, such as China, along the transit goods coding switch to the country's customs, it arrived at the destination and need to change, in addition to the high cost of escape, enterprises have to take the goods stranded costs. — Central European trains, although bring a lot of opportunities, but also with many challenges! Logistics, how to seize the opportunity to break through?
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