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Foreign purchase cocoa liquor/cocoa butter/cocoa

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-05
The following is a brief introduction to the customs declaration and customs clearance at Shenzhen port when customers and friends purchase cocoa liquor/cocoa butter/cocoa food from abroad. The process is roughly as follows:

1. Foreign shipments are delivered to the Hong Kong terminal, and the food receiving company is filed during the shipping process (when the information is complete, time: 5-7 working days, the company’s local Commodity Inspection Bureau will handle it, first enter it online, and then submit it to the Commodity Inspection Bureau Original information);

2: Obtain the record number of the receiving company and apply for the Chinese label record (when the information is complete, the time: 5-7 working days, there are many labels, or the label content is more complicated, the time will be slightly longer);

3: After passing the Chinese label filing, apply for inspection (time: about 5 working days);

4: After passing the inspection and getting the customs clearance form, go through the customs declaration work (normal time: 5-7 working days, if there is an outbound review price, the time will be 10-13 days or more);

5: After the customs declaration is completed, pay the tax, and the customs will release the tax (just a moment);

6: The goods arrive at the Hong Kong terminal;

7: The goods are sent to the customs-supervised warehouse (1 day) after passing the port;

8: Send samples to the Commodity Inspection Bureau for testing and wait for the test results (about 15 days (10 working days) on the day that they are pulled from Hong Kong), and then arrange to check the warehouse (every Tuesday), and wait another week after reading it. The hygiene certificate can be issued on Tuesday, and the copy of the warehouse hygiene certificate can be taken away. 15+7=22 days or so. That is: within one month);

9: After the food (food) has passed the test, the Commodity Inspection Bureau will give a copy of the test result, and paste the Chinese label in the warehouse. After the label, call the Commodity Inspection Bureau official to the warehouse to check, check that there is no problem, and arrange transportation and delivery to the place designated by the customer .
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