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FBA shipping tips for cross-border e-commerce

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-18
Regarding the precautions in FBA delivery, I have mentioned in the previous article, but due to the approaching peak season, there are more problems feedback from everyone, I will make a brief summary here.

1. FBA delivery should be light and heavy allocation. In order to prevent the wrong money on the freight, the seller must consider the weight allocation when shipping. (Of course, if your product is not a bubble, this can be skipped), if Your product has bubble goods, so you must consider combining heavy goods and bubble goods when shipping, so as to reduce unnecessary freight costs caused by heavy bulk.

2. Do not make mistakes in product barcodes. Since every product shipped by FBA requires a product barcode, the seller must verify it clearly when shipping to prevent incorrect barcodes. This situation especially occurs when multiple SKUs are shipped together. Once the package staff is careless, it may cause the wrong barcode to be posted. If this happens, it will waste time and create unnecessary capital. May suffer from negative reviews after customers buy.

3. Do not make mistakes about the number of boxes, do not overweight a single box, and deliver the quantity accurately. Do not make a mistake about the total number of boxes in each FBA shipping plan. Don’t make mistakes, no more or less, because the outer box label is creating a delivery plan. It has been determined in China that once the number of boxes is wrong, it may cause delays in warehousing and even failure to enter the warehouse; Amazon has strict requirements on the weight and volume of a single box. It is better to control the weight of a single box within 22Kg. The length of the side cannot exceed 25', which is about 63.5CM. If it is shipped through pallets, there are corresponding specifications, which can be verified in the background; the quantity of goods in each shipping plan must be accurate, although the goods are in cold seasons A small number of errors in the quantity have little effect, but during the peak season, many sellers are now unable to enter the warehouse due to the incorrect quantity. They have been asked to clarify the reason and write a rectification plan. At the same time, the function of creating a new delivery plan was suspended.

4. Regarding the slow-moving inventory in the FBA warehouse, how should I deal with it? Recently, many sellers suddenly discovered that the monthly storage fee of FBA has increased a lot. Yes, Amazon will have two charging regulations during the cold and peak seasons every year. Seriously, FBA's monthly storage fees have risen a lot. Regarding some sellers’ unsalable inventory, we recommend that you deal with them as soon as possible. If the value of the goods is not high, there is no plan to sell again, and the goods can be directly abandoned. If the inventory is only caused by the deletion of the listing, it is recommended to find a reliable local warehouse to remove the warehouse and exchange the bid, and then re-stock the warehouse . Of course, you also need to be careful when you withdraw your warehouse. If it is a product that is being sold normally, do not temporarily withdraw its warehouse due to the distressed monthly storage fee at that time. According to the policy at the time, if a listing that is being sold has a warehouse withdrawal behavior, in December Before the 31st, it will be suspended from creating a warehouse plan from scratch.

5. What should I do if a newly-built listing is inspected for dangerous goods? Generally speaking, Amazon will conduct dangerous goods inspections on live products and require sellers to provide corresponding certificates. In the cold season, this situation is generally relatively simple, and there is no need to provide any certificates. About three days have passed, but when the peak season comes, it may be because Amazon has a lot of staff and tasks. This normal review process consumes The meeting has grown a lot. If a seller happens to suffer from this situation, if you have a certificate, you can provide the certificate, and then urge Amazon customer service to assist in the inspection process. After all, you may not be anxious if you urge the other party, but if you follow the urge, how many total It will have a certain effect. The final demand reminder is that during the peak season, the logistics timeliness must be slow and the logistics cost must be high. Therefore, the seller should prepare enough goods as much as possible. Together, use a combination of multiple delivery methods to reduce logistics The risks involved.
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