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Dry! The difference between container from ark rent and from heap!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
We all know that foreign port container demurrage amount is relatively large, meet ark volume peak, one not careful it is easy to produce various high cost. Aiming at the situation, the foreign port will provide customers a certain time from ark rent and from pile of period, to deal with ark volume from the port of discharge or the destination distance, make friends must know the international shipping industry. Only know from ark easily, from pile is relatively difficult, then what is the difference between them? Small make up today to explain the difference between them in detail to you. DEMURRAGE: refers to the container container are in control of the carrier or its agent ( Within the time limit) Royalties, usually refers to the consignee clearance before pick up the goods at the destination terminal or container yard is extended to use fee. DETENTION: refers to the container container are in charge the consignee ( Within the time limit) Fee, that is, the consignee will container depot or terminal after customs clearance and didn't return the empty containers within the given time. 滞期费& The Free Detention time, the difference is: Free Demurrage: from container discharge to the dock, until a container terminal was introduced; Free Detention: container from terminal, to the empty tank return pier; There is a Storage ( Storage period) : this is the terminal storage charge, starting from the container discharge to the dock and settlement, to the container to check. The Demurrage& Detention for tank demurrage, is charged by the carrier, free time is 7 days or so normally, some port for transshipment or other reasons, can apply for to 10 - Longer 14 days, can apply for to 21 days; And Storage is the terminal charge Storage charge, free time is usually in the 5 - 7 days, is often difficult to apply. In general, the application and approval of Free time = Free Demurrage + Free Detention. Under normal circumstances, in the port of destination Free time is 7 days, apply for 14 days to ship companies will batch, 21 days is a little big difficulty, unless there is a stable customer or shipping company how to use the cabinet of the port. Many people may not know the difference between Demurrage and Detention. And Storage is the terminal charge shipping company container Storage charge, Free Storage time depends on the port, not shipping company. D& D ( 滞期费& 拘留) Box demurrage, its relative term is Free Time ( Free period) 。 Demurrage free period begins with the date of the goods at the port of destination; The date of the Detention free period begins with the consignee to ask &heavy. More than the corresponding free period such as consignee still not pick up the goods, should pay Demurrage according to provisions of the shipping company; If the consignee still not still empty, should be stipulated in the shipping company to pay Detention; Demurrage free 7 days is enough, basically see the speed of import customs clearance formalities; If it is 7 days Detention free, based on cases of circular speed; They are not a choice, should also strive for! Free dention and free demurrage is refers to the floor and otc counter unit. The cabinet is the ship company, so you can apply for. Two nouns are about the ark rent, and rent has nothing to do with the deck for the charge of the carrier, the difference is: Indian ports generally require many guests FREEDETENTION container shipped to inland point, because the guest will need more box; This does not mean that in India, isn't there a may apply to the & other; FREE DEMURRAGE that tank rent ( Overdue port storage charge) How did English expression? If the container overdue stranded in the port of destination port or depot, and how to apply for? Apply for 'free storage or & other; 空闲时间” = “ 免费存储空间” +“ 免费滞期费” Generally, but the shipping company will not give, because & other; 存储” Is to pay terminal, if from the shipping company own pocket. Edit summary: after small make up more detailed explanation, what is the container ark rent free, what is the free heap, believe that everyone has a certain understanding. VIPU international logistics lp perennial Supply Chain for people to go abroad or home to provide professional door to door double clear GuanGuoJi logistics services, shipping multinational carry furniture will find VIPU international logistics Supply Chain. If you have this aspect demand, are welcome to call our hotline for free. ( The above information is from the Internet, for reference only. )
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