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Disadvantages of container shipping

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-26
Compared with traditional transportation methods, container transportation can better ensure the safety of cargo transportation, save cargo packaging materials, reduce operating costs, and reduce transportation costs. But things have two sides, good and bad, what are the disadvantages of container transportation? Is there any solution? Container transportation refers to the use of large containers such as containers as carriers to assemble goods into container units, so that large-scale loading and unloading machinery and large-scale vehicles can be used for loading and unloading, handling operations, and completing transportation tasks in the field of modern circulation. A new, high-efficiency and high-efficiency transportation method to realize 'door-to-door' transportation of goods. Container transportation has the following disadvantages: 1. Due to the limitation of cargo load, the flow of cargo on the route is unbalanced. Often in some branch lines, no-load return shipping or a large reduction in the number of containers will affect economic benefits. 2. A large amount of investment is required, resulting in financial difficulties. 3. Uncoordinated transshipment will cause prolonged transportation time and increase certain costs. 4. Due to the limitation of inland transportation conditions, it is not possible to give full play to the advantages of 'door to door' container transportation. 5. The laws, regulations, procedures and documents of container transportation in various countries are not unified, which hinders the development of international multimodal transport. Solution: 1. For the combined transport of containers, relying on a single mode of transportation for container transportation has not been able to give full play to the advantages of container transportation, and it has not reached the peak effect. 2. Choose a transportation method that facilitates the transportation of goods in the inland, such as the use of third-party transportation, reduce the cost of own transportation equipment, and obtain more capital flow; 3. In fact, the most vexing problem of container transportation is the situation of no-load return shipping or a large reduction in the number of containers. There are mainly the following points to solve the problem of empty boxes (1) Cooperation among liner companies For shipping companies, the alliance and cooperation between shipping companies can expand the shipping company's operational planning and complete container sharing. Establish multiple networks on the primary trading routes so that all shipping companies can carry out container exchange activities with each other, so that container shipping companies can move empty containers more efficiently. The interoperability and cooperation of containers between various liner companies will improve the utilization rate of container equipment of each collaborator, reduce empty container transfers, and greatly reduce the cost of empty container transfers.At the same time, containers are also picked up and processed by other liner companies in the area where the containers are required Out of box problem. (2) Alliance cooperation between shipping companies and chartering companies With flexible container leasing, shipping companies can sign container leasing contracts with container leasing companies. According to the actual demand for containers, the lack of containers or the ports and regions with high transfer interest start leasing containers, and the excess containers are returned to the leasing company at the container pressing point, which not only meets the needs of containers, but also saves storage costs Adjust freight with empty boxes. In short, container transportation has some disadvantages due to external and internal conditions, but overall, container transportation has many advantages over traditional transportation. The disadvantages of container transportation can be avoided by taking some measures to avoid the inconvenience and loss caused by the disadvantages.
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