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VIPU Supply Chain international art transportation service is introduced

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
VIPU international logistics Supply Chain are familiar with each step in the process of transport of art, are of the utmost importance and the value of each piece of art, our experienced team operation, with advanced technology, high-quality materials, strict management process, to museums, galleries and private collectors and other kinds of customers to provide a full range of art packaging, transport, storage and display service. VIPU international in Supply Chain is better than that of the domestic leading level of service, will become the most safe and reliable partner. 1, art examines VIPU Supply Chain international customer service commissioner will seriously for transportation of each piece of artwork to check, record, and professional management team, after carefully discuss the unique design of the packing for each customer, insurance, process and display the details of the operation, and back to contact you as soon as possible. 2, the reasonable price in determining the specific content of the artwork details and transportation services, customer service staff will provide you with reasonable price, and confirm, in order to smoothly into the next process. 3, custom packaging VIPU international will Supply Chain according to the different conditions of transportation, assess the potential risk of the whole line, and considering the damage, the goods may face for each piece of art to customize the most appropriate packaging materials, with multiple protection measures, buffer, to give the most comprehensive protection. 4, the transport process to ensure the intact of art, VIPU international will use the professional Supply Chain, constant temperature and humidity of transport vehicles, to ensure the safety of art to arrive, will be installed per car security alarm system. 5, warehousing services in art security shipment at the port of destination VIPU international Supply Chain will be according to customer's specific requirements, for each piece of art is equipped with advanced environmental monitoring equipment and the highest level of security equipment in the warehouse for storage. 6, installation services VIPU international Supply Chain service does not stop at the end of the transport process, we also willing to work for your exhibits installation, display, customer service specialist will be the exhibition art work carried out in cooperation with you, help you to achieve the most ideal exhibition environment.
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