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To share my experience from the domestic logistics to Canada

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-14
Share a VIPU Supply Chain customer experience from the domestic logistics to Canada, hope for those who are from domestic shipping logistics to the Canadian immigration friend help, the following is the text: the things I received today by sea, almost from the door pickup in the house of my home, door-to-door delivery to go today, less than two months, a lot of immigrants friends are concerned about the shipping goods, just talk about this today. I is a new immigrant is the first time you login the logistics, can be duty-free items are so many friends, all carry a lot and subsequent shipping to Canada, I heard that someone had the annatto furniture of the room are sent to Canada, I don't have so many things, is 5. 3 cubic. Before landing, to prepare 186 tables and 186 a table, the two tables, one is the hand baggage table, one is the subsequent stipulated ( If there is no subsequent items, 186 a table can also be as supplementary table 186 table) , after my landing strategy was written in 186 and 186 a table at the time of entry, to the customs seal, but this time the landing, only to find that the customs don't the two tables, as long as the entry list to declare, is immigration is the place where people line up to apply for the card, to a stamp on the table, suggest that we prepared in duplicate, immigration and leave a copy of our hand, a province the somebody else to copy, waste of time. Then, select the appropriate international logistics lp. I search on the net international logistics lp, a long time, and don't know how to choice, after all, they are on propaganda overstated ingredient, a a consulting in the past, I don't like, then colleagues tell me about VIPU Supply Chain international logistics lp, he said that he had used VIPU international logistics Supply Chain, clap breast and I said, the company professional, from door to door to see goods, packing, customs clearance and take goods don't have to worry about yourself. I call the colleague introduce logistics lp, is a woman answered the telephone, voice is ringing, patient answer me many questions. She told me that the international logistics process roughly: price query - Make sure the order - The door, goods packaging - measurement The door the container booking, customs clearance - Payment - Customs clearance delivery. Intuitively speaking, I think the company is good, so I decided to choose this. A few days later, they sent someone to measure the volume, it didn't take long to give me a price, well, the price is not expensive, in my psychological accept range. After signing the contract, they send someone the door pickup in accordance with the contract. From at half past seven in the morning until 6 PM to the container finish, arranged 5 for my personal door-to-door service, including a supervisor responsible for supervision and packaging quality and communicate with me, a few other workers responsible for packaging, professional companies do not, as the matter of packing does more than I expected, all items with three outer layer in the cardboard package, let me feel very at ease. Special service of the personnel of the service to me for me to some certificate such as passport, visa information, the rest of the things you don't need to worry about I, let me go to Canada at ease to wait. After goods to Canada, got a call from the shipping company, let me go to the customs office to assist the customs clearance. Process soon, ten minutes or so, the customs staff and said, you can go to the warehouse take delivery. Pick up the goods, the logistics lp arrange vehicles to get my goods shipped to my home, to the set position, also clear away packaging waste. If move friends chose to shipping your goods to Canada, it is important to note that points: first, most shipping companies are two cubic of shipment, only a handful of companies is a cube of shipment, so we want to estimate for the first, his own items how many, if not two cubic, is about to choose the shipping company. Second, calculate by cubic of shipping, the height of the measurement volume starts the amount of ground, are the dimensions of most, so you don't ignore the height of the tray at the bottom of the items, ( General shipping companies will play tray for forklift loading and unloading of goods. In addition, the choice of paper box, as far as possible put add up to a standard cube, don't waste space. Third, you can choose the door to door or door to the warehouse, to the way, because the artificial here is very expensive, if delivery, estimated costs are not low, if the goods is not much more special, you can choose from, then borrow a pickup truck, to the warehouse forklift truck to pickup the items directly, after the home, to clean up. Finally, remind the friends, to know the price in advance, if it is have some things in the home, use habits, the shipments are ok, if not in the home, want to buy the shipment, there is no need, especially some things, is cheaper than domestic, there is no need by sea. Electrical appliances, in particular, Canada and the domestic voltage is different, so the domestic electric appliances to Canada basic cannot use or not use, unless with transformer ( Note that not transform plugs, but the transformer) 。 Well, today is talking about this, I hope it can help you.
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