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by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-30
The relationship between international logistics and international freight forwarders, what is the difference, international logistics why use a lot of international forwarding agent? What is international logistics, international logistics, international freight, refers to the state and the nation, the transport of goods between countries and regions. Divided into trade and non-trade ( Refers to the exhibits, care products personal luggage, office supplies, etc. ) 。 Business of non-traded goods transportation is only a by-product, so international logistics is also sometimes referred to as 'the international trade transportation, the role of international logistics can also be understood as to make the space distance shortened, time differences, the result is the flow of goods. And this kind of flow is achieved through the transportation. Which some transport model have? 1, international carriage of goods by sea cargo transportation, international ocean shipping, international logistics is the use of natural waterways, hereinafter referred to as maritime transport. It is the most widely used in international logistics transportation mode of transportation. Sea transport mode of operation, which has two kinds of liner shipping and charter transportation. 2, international railway cargo transportation in our country foreign trade of goods including the international railway transport of railway transportation, the railway transport and domestic rail transport in Hong Kong three components. 3, international road transport of goods, international road transport of goods refers to the international goods using a vehicle, along the highway across and two or more than two moving process of country or region. 4, the international air cargo international air cargo transportation refers to the international air carrier to handle the entire transport by air between the two countries, and takes the responsibility of a transport a modern mode of transportation. Mode of operation, which has two kinds of flight transportation and charter flights. 5, international multimodal transport, international multimodal transport is according to the multimodal transport contract, with at least two different modes of transportation, the goods by the multimodal transport operator from one country to take over the site shipped to the specified delivery place of carriage of goods within the territory of another country. International multimodal transport, also known as the international joint construct transport, is produced on the basis of the container transport and developed a new type of transport, air transport, sea transport, air and multimodal transport, etc. 6, container transport is container shipping container as the transportation of goods transportation mode of transportation of the kind of modernization, it is sea transportation, railway transportation and international multimodal transport, etc. Play a dominant role in the international transport of goods in the international logistics of international transport of goods is the core of the international logistics system, plays an important role. The relationship between international logistics and international freight forwarders, international logistics and international freight forwarders and relations of cooperation, at present our country international material transport related abroad, there is a big gap, is not very mature, a lot of cross-border business choice and foreign international logistics company delivery, but foreign international logistics company in China are using proxy mode of cooperation, not to the point, now that we want to send to borrow only generation international logistics agent right. What is the international freight forwarders? 1, the international forwarding agent is a kind of business arrangement, its clients as a representative of the third party logistics company to arrange goods storage and transportation. The difference between the two tend to revolve around the services they provide the breadth and the costs involved. 2, the third party logistics providers offer a wider range of services, work with international logistics agent to act as agent for first-hand has faster customs clearance, delivery, power, related to individual users from already to international logistics company to deliver goods, that this is a much better. 3, professional international freight forwarders, can effectively reduce the cost, promote the transport logistics. 4, professional international freight forwarders, can according to the nature of the goods to choose a different route, to avoid more unnecessary a loss. What freight company to provide services have? Some of these services include: tracking inland transport, freight company to arrange and track the goods in their all over the country by truck or rail, sometimes by air. Ready to transport and export file: this is a freight forwarding company really glowing areas. Due to their transport a large number of goods on the international border, they have the professional knowledge of the required documents. Warehousing, freight forwarders operating their own warehouses in several locations or rent space in the place where they don't service. Booking cargo space, when you need to be shipped to a location, know who called, and what are the most suitable for shippers to provide the service for which the destination, the forwarding agent in the region of the international transport and even a lot of advantage on the domestic market. Negotiating shipping rates: due to the forwarding agent transport a large number of goods, they can usually negotiate a better price from shipping company.
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