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The most comprehensive knowledge of freight forwarding

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
(1) Question: A few questions to pay attention to when quoting customers:

   Answer: 1. The nature of trade: general trade declaration is more complicated and easy to check.

  2. Product name: parts or accessories and chemicals are more complicated, and waste products are more complicated.

  3, do not accept the business that the company clearly informs the problem, such as: evasion of inspection, violation of reporting, etc.

  4. If the statutory fee is not prepaid, the entrusting unit must be notified to prepay or pay immediately after the fee comes out.

  (2) Q: What does the freight rate of American routes generally include?

  Answer: There are mainly ocean freight (OCEAN Freight) + DDC (destination port delivery fee) + BAF + SPS (Shanghai Port Surcharge) + AMS (U.S. anti-terrorism document fee).

  If the goods to the east of the United States are all land and water, an additional (Panama freight fee) PTF fee will be added, and there is no PTF fee for the goods from the small land bridge to the east of the United States

   (3) Q: What is full water and land?

  Answer: All land and water (specifically refers to the US East route) basic port transportation process is completed by sea transportation.

   (4) What is MLB?

   Answer: MLB is the full name of the small land bridge: MINI LAND BRIDGE, which generally refers to the shipping company transporting containers to the basic port on the west coast of the United States, and towing it to inland points in the United States using tow trucks.

  (5) What is the weight limit requirement for containers on U.S. routes?

  Because of the regulations of the US Highway Administration, the cargo on the U.S. route shall not exceed 17236KG/20’ 19958KG/40’. Some shipping companies can be appropriately overweight, but they need to charge overweight fees, but they must apply in advance.

   (Six) What are the quotation rules for East America?

Answer: The price of the whole box of US East A/W is generally based on the price of 40'GP. 20'GP is 40'GP price X0.75, HQ: 40'GPx1.125, 45': 40GPX1.266, US East MLB FCL price + transfer freight basic port price algorithm is the same as East US.

   (7) What should I pay attention to when quoting the U.S. line?

   Answer: In the United States, the quotation is based on the name of the goods. Generally, we quote the price of ordinary goods. Goods such as clothing and textiles need to be based on the original +USD100/40’ USD75/20’.

   (8) Circulation of receipts at Ningbo Port Station

Answer: When the booking unit makes a booking with the shipping company, the shipping company will give the booking unit a triplicate form, the receipt of the on-site station, and the customs broker will go to the port area to go through the release procedures after the customs declaration. The first and second joint port areas receive Save it. The third company has the customs broker to take it and use it when signing the bill of lading.

  (九) What is the calculation of air freight?

Answer Air freight is calculated by weight, and the weight unit is calculated in units of ten kilograms. If it is charged in RMB, it should be converted to weight. The conversion method is to divide the volume by 0.006, and then compare it with the actual weight. Data for calculating shipping costs.

   (十) What are the conditions for air freight quotation? How to calculate?

Answer The air freight quotation must have weight, the volume product name and payment terms are different, and the unit price is different. Generally, the air freight is calculated within 45KG and more than 45KG and more than 100KG and 300KG and 500KG and more than 1000KG. The miscellaneous charges for air freight generally include customs declaration 200/ticket document 50/ticket guard inspection 1 yuan/box ground service fee 0.3 yuan/KG

   (11) What random documents for mobile air cargo?

Answer: There is a random document for each air cargo. It is mainly used as the airline to randomly send one of the original copies of the air waybill. However, for important documents (such as quota certificates, etc.), it is best not to store and transport them together with random documents. The airline will not be responsible for loss. All random documents need to be provided by the French consignor.

  (12): Those goods cannot be transported by air?

  Answer; Dangerous goods, semi-dangerous goods and liquids are not allowed to be transported by air. Some chemicals, magnetic goods, and fresh goods cannot be quoted at will, and the airline must confirm it.

   (13): What is the difference between an air waybill and a sea waybill?

  Answer: The ocean bill of lading is a document of ownership of the goods, and the air waybill is not a document of ownership of the goods, so if the customer is likely to pay, it is useless to withhold the air waybill. Therefore, unfamiliar customers must pay first

   (14): What are the inner diameter, cubic number and maximum tonnage of the container?

  Answer, 20GP (small cabinet) is 2.3 meters wide X 2.3 meters high X 5.8 meters long. The maximum capacity is 28 cubic meters and the maximum tonnage is 17 tons.

   40GP (large cabinet) width 2.3X height 2.3X length 11.6 maximum capacity 56 cubic meters, maximum tonnage 20 tons

  40HQ (high cabinet) width 2.3 meters X height 2.6X length 11.8 meters Maximum capacity 65 cubic meters Maximum tonnage 20 tons

  45HQ (ultra-high box) width 2.3 meters X height 2.6 meters X length 12.3 meters Maximum capacity 74 cubic meters and maximum tonnage 21 tons.

   (15): What is a frame box? What is its function? What should I pay attention to during transportation?

  Answer: The frame box means that the FOB Forum has no baffles on all sides, no roof and thick plates. There are only two huge steel rails, which belong to special containers. Its function is that some equipment cannot be loaded into ordinary containers. For safety, the equipment is reinforced. The two huge steel rails are convenient for transportation. Because the equipment is oversized, road transportation is limited. Height, width, weight and other regulations. Height limit: the highest is 4.5 meters from the ground. Limit width. The maximum width is 15cm above the width of the vehicle, the weight limit, and the specified transportation weight of the vehicle. As an operation, you should pay great attention to whether the size of the wooden box of the frame box meets the above transportation conditions.

   (16): How high is the truck from the ground?

  Answer: Ordinary container trucks are 1.2-1.5 meters above the ground, except for special vehicles. Low flatbed trucks are used to transport frame boxes and oversized items, and the height is generally between 0.4-0.8.

   (17): What is a power release? How to power release? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Answer: Telex is also called telex delivery. It means that the shipping company takes back a full set of original bill of lading and informs the agent at the port of destination to deliver the goods by telex or telex. Customers can pick up the goods with the COPY part of the bill of lading. The advantage is foreign Of customers can mention the goods quickly, but the disadvantage is that the shipper cannot control the rights of the goods.

   (18): How to exchange orders in the third place? What should be paid attention to?

Answer: In a trade with an intermediary, the consignor signs a bill of lading submitted by the intermediary at the place of departure and delivers it to the intermediary, and the intermediary has a third place to exchange a copy in accordance with the requirements of his consignee The bill of lading, if the shipping company has an agent in the third place, have this service, if not, it can be handled by the freight forwarder. Pay special attention to the United States. If the shipper has an agreement with the shipping company, the shipper cannot be changed in the third place. If the shipper is changed, the original shipper’s contract price with the shipping company cannot be used.

   (19): What is the difference between ocean bill of lading and freight forwarding bill of lading?

  Answer: The ocean bill of lading usually refers to the bill of lading issued by the shipping company or its agent. The foreign agent is the shipping company or its agent. The charges abroad are normal. The freight bill of lading refers to the bill of lading issued by the forwarding company. The freight forwarding company issues a bill of lading to the consignor. At the same time, the shipping company will have a seabill with the 'consignor' being the freight forwarding company. When the consignee picks up the goods abroad, he must exchange the seabill at the agency to pick up the goods. One port of destination replacement fee.

   (twenty): What is the role of the slip? How to make a complete slip?

Answer: The consignment is used for booking space and is also the first draft of the bill of lading. The complete consignment must display the following content: the full English name of the shipper, the consignee notifier, the specific English product name, quantity, number of pieces, and volume. The container type, quantity transportation method and other terms required by the customer

  (21): Which countries need fumigation to export to?

  Answer: Fumigation is generally required for goods containing wood packaging to the United States and Canada, the European Union, Australia, and Brazil. Some goods going to another country should be fumigated at the request of the harvester.

   (22): What should be paid attention to when exporting food?

Answer Shanghai: When booking the space, indicate that it is a food container, and notify the team to put the food box when placing the equipment handover form. The team will fill out an application form at the place of the order, and then pick up the box at the storage yard specified by the equipment handover form. The driver has a simple inspection form for the commodity inspection box for customs declaration, but Shanghai generally does not have strict requirements for food boxes. Inspection forms are generally not used in customs declaration. Ningbo: When booking the space, indicate that it is a food container, fill in the entry and exit container packing inspection form and submit it to the booking agent. When taking the packing list, the fleet will also ask the freight forwarder to take out the entry container inspection form. The fleet will go with the above two-point list Pick up the container at the yard, and go to the storage yard designated by the Commodity Inspection Bureau for container inspection. After the container inspection, there will be a container inspection result sheet, which needs to be declared and released. This sub-result sheet can be submitted for commodity inspection together with the commodity inspection sheet provided by the factory. Exchange orders.

   (23): What are the precautions when exporting bamboo and wood products?

  Answer that all export goods of bamboo and wood products must have a customs clearance form to apply for inspection. Bamboo and wood products exported to the United States and Canada must be fumigated in Australia, and quality inspections must be completed when exported to other countries.

   (twenty-four): How should the fleet packing list be filled in when filling in the transit port? What will happen if there is an error?

Answer: The transit port generally fills in the full name or the three-character code. If you fill in the wrong, you can entrust the team to the shipping company to make changes on site, which will result in port change fees. If you fail to modify it, the shipping company will follow the instructions of the packing list. Transit will cause the goods to not arrive on time, increase the transit cost, extend the transportation time, and may cause the loss of the container.

(Twenty-five): Which ones can’t be released by telex? Answer: The bill of lading whose consignee is to orer cannot be released by telex, that is to say, the telex bill of lading must be the specific consignee, but only from Minsheng Shipping Company TO ORER The bill of lading can be released by telex.

   (twenty-six): What is a contract:

  Answer refers to the application of certain shipper (receiver) or freight forwarder and shipping company's contract price, the US-Canada line is more common.

   (27): What is a sub-order?

Answer: The bill of lading under one customs number is shipped out in the entire cabinet. The CY/CY clause shall be divided into two or more bills of lading according to the customer's L/C requirements or other requirements for presentation, which is called a separate bill. Generally, the consignee of separate orders should be the same person. If there are two or more consignees, please confirm with the shipping company in advance whether to operate CY/CFS. Generally, the shipping company does not provide unpacking services, but you can find the destination port Agency operation requires payment of agency fees.

   (twenty-eight): What is combined single?

Answer the orders under two or more customs item numbers, the whole container is out of CY/CY terms, and the goods are loaded on the same ship and transported to the same port of destination, can be combined into a bill of lading upon request , The general consignee should be the same.

   (29): What is self-consolidation?

Answer: Two or more shippers, for the goods shipped to the same port of destination, in order to save costs, the goods are mixed into the same or several boxes (generally speaking, the shipping company does not accept the same container There are two or more consignees' consignments, but you can find an agent to do unpacking service, shipping on behalf of the order)

   (30): What materials are required for customs clearance of imported returned goods?

  Answer: 1: Copy of a full set of customs clearance documents when exporting (invoice packing list, customs declaration form, verification form

  2: For export goods that have not been verified for tax refund, the original unverified customs declaration form, the verification form and the non-refundable certificate issued by the IRS (original

  3: If the tax has been refunded, the tax payment certificate provided by the IRS must be provided

  4 A copy of the certificate of origin must provide a certificate of origin issued by foreign trade and economic cooperation

  5: A full set of normal imported materials

  6 Note that the original export data must be completely consistent

   7 The description of the returned goods is submitted to the customs (Xiaoshan Hangzhou Customs also needs to provide a return agreement

  Remarks: Imported and returned goods are subject to customs inspection

   (31): How to apply for fumigation

   Answer: Shanghai

1 To apply to the fumigation agency in Shanghai, you need to provide invoices, packing lists, customs declarations, contracts, and fumigation applications (such as wood packaging, you need to provide the packaging production and use data entry application form to the fumigation company, and the fumigation company will apply to the Commodity Inspection Bureau. Fumigation application)

  2 When entrusting the team to tow the box, the team should be notified to load the box and drop it to the storage yard designated by the fumigation company, and give the box number to the fumigation company. So that the fumigation company can arrange fumigation (the fumigation cost to the EU and Canada is higher)

  3 Customs clearance form required for customs declaration. Generally, it can be taken out the next day after the application is submitted and provided to the customs broker for customs declaration. The certificate must be obtained after the fumigation is completed, and generally must be confirmed in advance.

  4Fumigation time: 48 hours in the United States and Canada; 4 hours in the EU, depending on the situation of the Commodity Inspection Bureau.


   1. Apply to the fumigation company and provide the invoice, packing list, contract, and inspection authorization letter

  2. After packing, drop the box to the storage yard designated by the Commodity Inspection Bureau and provide the box number to the fumigation company

  3. After passing the inspection by the Commodity Inspection Bureau, it can be processed, and the wood packaging must not have bark

   When applying for fumigation, you can confirm the contents of the fumigation certificate, and get the certificate after the fumigation is completed

   Fumigation time: 48 hours in the United States and Canada, 28 hours in the EU
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