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The international air freight and international air express six big difference! _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-06-30
International air cargo refers to from the plane to arrive the airport, the carrier delivered goods landed the plane until to the recipient of the realization of the logistics, information flow and control the whole process of management. A lot of friends to the international air cargo ( Below the international air freight) And air express as one thing, in fact, both difference is quite big, the following VIPUTRANS international logistics to everyone from six aspects to explain the international air cargo international air express difference! Difference between a: transportation of international express transportation subject mainly is the Courier company, such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, EMS and other international Courier service, we will mail the express packages mainly transported to the destination by these international express service providers. But we contact at ordinary times is mainly for international freight forwarders, freight forwarders are these international Courier service agent. Difference between two: international air freight service scope, normally only to the designated airport at the end of the airport, the other thing is about forwarder company to handle with clients or customers, and the international express is door to door, but don't need to be aware of is the international Courier package destination customs clearance, just to assist customs clearance, customs clearance problems if it is really, still need the recipient to assist customs clearance. International express: domestic export customs clearance agent services, not packet destination customs clearance, destination after close the package delivery. International air transport: no packet destination customs clearance, the guest need to go to the airport to pick up the goods customs clearance, don't pack destination tariffs, not door-to-door delivery, unless the service project is an empty set. Difference between three: aging transport limitation is the same as the international air transport and international express delivery, is a few days or so. We use international air freight faster in some places, some places are in the international express delivery faster. To Tokyo, Japan, for example, use international air freight should be the fastest, to the present invention. The aging speed mainly related to the following three factors: 1. The efficiency of the transportation company and strength; 2. The airport flight time schedule; 3. Destination customs clearance speed. Difference between four: billing international air transportation is the way in which the volume weight and actual weight of large computational cost, Note: the volume weight is according to the length * width * height & divide; 6000 this formula, the length, width and height are press cm to calculate. ) Throw volume cargo shipment, also called cargo. As pillow, actual weight only 5 kg, but actually reached the volume weight of 28 kg. Difference between five: goods tracking way express: can use international express to provide the awb, the corresponding tracking query Courier company website. Air: can take the bill of lading number query on airline website. Difference between six: weight require different international how many can be shipped by air, international express sheet shall not be greater than 69 kg weight, is greater than the weight is very large pieces. The above six basic summarizes the difference between the difference between air freight and air express, VIPUTRANS international logistics engaged in air transportation service for many years, whether by air or express can be the agent, welcome calls for enquiry!
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