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The German customs entry and exit articles carried by relevant regulations

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
1, who is made by authorization of the legal items can carry the entry and exit. 2, it is prohibited to carry anesthetics, drugs, weapons, pirated books or computer software. 3, free entry and exit of goods are: to carry souvenirs and gifts ( 纪念品和礼物) Certification: through Germany, sold as a souvenir or gift items; (50 grams of perfume Perfume) Or a quarter rose toilet water, 厕所水) 。 17 years of age or older, allowed 200 cigarettes ( 香烟) Or only small cigar (100 cigarillo) (or 50 cigars cigar) Or 250 grams of tobacco ( 烟草) 。 17 years of age or older, allowed to carry one litre under 22% alcohol (alc 酒) Or 2 liters aperitif ( aperitif) Or 2 litres of alcohol under 22% alcohol ( 类似的含酒精的饮料) Or 2 liters liqueur ( liqueur wines) 。 15 years of age or older, allowed 200 g coffee ( 咖啡) Or 100 grams of tea ( 茶) 。 Camera 2, 1, 15 roll film, CD machine 1. Other books except prohibited books before into. Germany import and export of foreign currency, gold and so on are not controlled, can be brought in arbitrary or carry out without declaration, also in Germany freely convertible currencies, he without any restrictions. Usually bank exchange rate is favorable.
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