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The difference between international trade and international logistics lp

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
To go abroad in recent years, the development of the people, the more original migration or study or living. With the abroad logistics are also more and more, is the rise of international logistics lp arises at the historic moment. A lot of people in the choice will be home to the country, the nature of international logistics and international freight companies do not understand. In fact both in terms of cost or service projects, there is a big difference. Because the customer can't distinguish between, on the relationship between the two so that generates a lot of misunderstanding, let's take a look at the difference between the two. What is international freight co. , LTD. Is specialized in international freight company transport of goods trade is given priority to, all operating modes such as this is the customer's personal belongings in the form of a trade or to export customs declaration, the cost is low, the inspection of the goods of general trade rate is very low, at around 3%. But for some furniture items such as freight company may require customers to do the commodity inspection, fumigation, and customs clearance at the port of destination is in the form of a trade or to customs clearance, transportation costs, although much lower than private goods transport, but customers may pay custom duty. International shipping company general distribution services are entrusted logistics company, they will send goods to the customer's specified address, but can't unload, asking customers to complete, and some part of the freight company will also the customer's personal items in accordance with the drawback goods to declare, so to defraud the country's tax rebates, to further reduce the cost of their defraud state taxes, so that once the customs inspection will face heavy penalties. What is international logistics, international logistics is a complete set of door to door service, professional door-to-door packing the goods, customs declaration and clearance, in the name of personal items, in fact, the customs will be dedicated to personal belongings of the customs department, national customs for personal items of furniture is not need fumigation and pay the duties, destination service can send the goods to the customer home, demolition of packaging, simple assembly of goods, remove the handling waste services. Immigration logistics services is the need to provide the corresponding certificate and in conformity with the corresponding conditions to duty-free, at the same time will require customers to fill in the corresponding customs clearance form, really for the customer to be easier then, these are not the goods transportation company to complete.
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