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The development of logistics industry and logistics information flow

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
“ Logistics & throughout; The term originated in the United States, the meaning is the pursuit of high value-added activities, including customs clearance, commodity inspection, transportation and forwarding, storage, inventory control, distribution, packaging, loading and unloading, circulation processing and the related information activities, emphasizes the activities of the systematic and overall optimization. Until the 1950 s, the logistics activity was almost entirely in the traditional manner, the great potential of logistics has not been effective mining. Into the late 20th century, with the rapid development of computer technology, the globalization of trade, economic integration accelerates, logistics value-added services, integrated services function is increasingly protruding, emphasized the specialized service, systematic, network, informationization, scale, the realization of the integration of logistics, cash flow, information flow concept penetrates into each link of logistics activities. Development of globalization, concentration and large-scale, quick running, pay attention to the process of making the logistics strategic target, the design of the logistics network, through the supply chain operation mode, providing customers with high efficiency and low cost of value-added services to become the new trend of modern logistics development. At the same time, in full accord with logistics information flow is also jump into the new stage of development. The connotation of the information flow from the single flow direction, through continuous diversification, hierarchical, network development, information management has covered all aspects of the logistics management activities. The logistics activity streams there are three main forms: 1. Internal flow of information. Mainly includes the enterprise raw materials, semi-finished products and finished goods logistics and production logistics and the related logistics cost accounting information generated by the flow. 2. The flow of information between enterprises. Mainly includes the ordering, receiving, delivery, transfer between enterprises, agents, and settlement and other activities of logistics information. 3. Social logistics information. The connotation of social logistics information is the enterprise of the socialization of logistics information, it is by the enterprise participation, relying on the physical platform or virtual platform in logistics activities and communication, and release of all kinds of information. Specific forms such as public logistics center and public logistics information platform, transmission and transaction information. All three of these information flow mainly in logistics and information technology as the carrier, through fusion and the height of the logistics activities to promote and promote the development of logistics management level. So, VIPU international logistics Supply Chain do belong to the category of social information.
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