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The cost of the international logistics is how to calculate?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
VIPU Supply Chain to provide one-stop door-to-door international logistics services tailored according to customer's own needs and situation, give priority to with shipping, air transportation is complementary, provide spell ark, FCL, package, and other forms of logistics transportation services, including door to door service contains a number of optional services, often is to provide a full package on offer. Why is that? Due to the international logistics link is more, each logistics guest request is different, item differentiation is more big, such as shipping address, shipping goods how many at home and abroad, timeliness requirements, customs policy, etc all can affect the price. In general, you should be with VIPU Supply Chain of the personnel of the service by telephone, mail, WeChat, QQ more ways such as communication, detailed items in the address information, transportation time, foreign goods address/zip code and articles about the detail, the consignee or consignor of the documents required additional information and service content and so on to provide to us, we can according to your actual situation to judge, and to provide an optimal transport logistics solutions, and in accordance with the accounting prices, because of the complexity of the involved content has certain, often difficult to generalize, so we are usually comprehensive evaluation of the whole package price. So, the international logistics cost consists of what respect? At sea as an example, the transportation costs generally can be divided into the following several aspects: 1, in order to avoid any damage to the goods in the process of transportation cause serious, and conform to the requirements of the customs clearance, the goods such as furniture before handling need to be done by our professional packaging team customized packaging, materials include cardboard, cardboard, pearl cotton, bubble film, stretch film, bag edge, tape and other materials, and the corresponding packing, handling labor costs, which are included in the cost. 2, VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp after goods packaging, packaging will be a good personal items such as furniture, electrical appliances to local warehouse of transport or the nearest port city designated warehouses, the inland transportation cost is also included. 3, the goods in the customs declaration formalities prior to shipment, after the customs inspection, to the boat, this period will produce a series of relevant expenses, if the goods in accordance with the requirements of destination country also need to be fumigated, nature also produces the fumigation charges. 4, the goods at port of shipment will produce relevant port loading and unloading, documents and other miscellaneous fees, the Chinese company charge the corresponding sea freight transport process. 5, the goods arrive at the port of destination port will produce the corresponding port fees. 6, accordingly after the goods arrive at the port of destination customs clearance, also is to the destination country for the customs declaration, after destination customs permission, we can arrange the further work. For the implementation of the customs clearance formalities also can produce the corresponding costs. 7, after the goods to complete customs clearance formalities we will provide you with the follow-up delivery service, also is a bit different according to each guest requirements, basic includes all furniture is put to the designated room, dismantle packaging do, simple assembly furniture, finally in all removed packing pieces before leaving clean away.
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