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Private goods shipped to China, Back home) service

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
VIPU international logistics Supply Chain international shipping to China/personal belongings home service is introduced with the development of Chinese economy, the improvement of living conditions, the home work and life has become a lot of overseas Chinese, study abroad, the choice of foreign staff. Due to long-term living in the United States, whether they moved or returning alone, there are a lot of hard thing to give up back, but is impossible to carry, which requires professional services to the international transportation company. VIPU Supply Chain extension of the international transport services, within the scope of the law, can bring anything you want to return to professional services to domestic. China customs has preferential import duties on imports of personal belongings and exempt from value-added tax, so the luxury items and luxury goods transported home is a wise choice. My company to provide door to door ( Is the customer designated to pick up the goods in the United States, in China the customer designated delivery) Or door to port ( That pick up the goods sent to customers in the United States to a named port of destination in China, customers themselves or entrust other customs clearance pick up the goods at the port of destination) The service. Professional service can simplify a lot of import and export formalities for you, and in the most economic costs to solve your needs. You can choose according to need by door to door delivery or delivery to the designated port, choose by sea or by air way, we'll arrange to port or door to door the whole procedure. Private goods exports the mode of transportation of the following, you can choose according to need. 1. Air export for more valuable, things that need for only a short period of time in the country. The different 3 - transport time according to the destination 7 days. 2. Maritime export and export shipping FCL export ( FCL) And the LCL export ( LCL) 。 In the 15 to suggest exports 22 CBM in 20 & lsquo; Container export, 30-50 CBM in 40 'container export, under 15 CBM can be and other goods LCL export. Transportation practice depending on the source and destination, time to 20 to 40 days. Operation process is as follows: 1) Door to port service: inquiry & rarr; Quotation & rarr; Confirm & rarr; Prepare export documents & rarr; Booking & rarr; Specified to pick up the goods & rarr; Export customs clearance & rarr; Exit inspection and quarantine & rarr; Transportation & rarr; Provide the freight bill of lading (2) Origin (door to door service The United States) : inquiry & rarr; Quotation & rarr; Confirm & rarr; Prepare export documents & rarr; Booking & rarr; Pick up the goods & rarr; Export customs clearance & rarr; Exit inspection and quarantine & rarr; Shipping destination ( China) : prepare import documents & rarr; The goods to the port & rarr; Import customs clearance & rarr; Customs inspection & rarr; Inspection and quarantine import & rarr; Port of delivery & rarr; Specified delivery due to the import and export of private goods is belong to the import and export of special goods, the customs of China and the United States have special provisions, so entrust a specialized company must and necessary when operating.
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