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Precautions and fire protection measures for hazardous

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
Drivers, loading and unloading personnel and escorts transporting hazardous chemicals must understand the nature and hazardous characteristics of the hazardous chemicals carried, understand emergency measures in the event of an accident, be equipped with necessary emergency treatment equipment and protective equipment, and comply with relevant regulations :

1. Vehicles transporting hazardous chemicals should be dedicated vehicles and have obvious signs.

2. Handle hazardous chemicals with care to prevent impact, drag and dumping.

3. Collision or mutual contact with hazardous chemicals that are likely to cause combustion, explosion and other hazards, as well as hazardous chemicals with conflicting chemical properties or protection and fire extinguishing methods, shall not violate the packaging restrictions, and shall not be mixed and shipped.

4. Hazardous chemicals that can easily cause combustion, explosion, or produce toxic gas when exposed to heat or moisture, should be shipped with heat insulation and moisture-proof measures.

5. Do not mix people and goods when shipping hazardous chemicals. Irrelevant persons are prohibited from boarding vehicles carrying dangerous chemicals. When vehicles carrying hazardous chemicals pass through the urban area, they shall comply with the driving time and route prescribed by the local public security organ, and shall not stop at will.

In addition, the warehouse of the logistics company is basically in a state of explosion, so we must pay attention to the fire safety of the logistics center.

Fire protection measures for logistics centers

1. Ensure the fire separation distance and rationally arrange the fire control plane. The location of the logistics center construction should be avoided in the vicinity of Class A and B factory buildings and warehouses with explosion hazards, and the fire separation distance from other buildings should also meet the requirements of the 'Building Regulations'.

2. Building materials and structures should improve the fire resistance level, and strictly control the fire zone area. The general reinforced concrete frame structure can reach the first and second fire resistance levels required by the 'Building Regulations'. Regularly check the performance of the fire shutter door to ensure that it can be opened and used in time in the event of a fire. The area used for staff rest and office in the logistics center should be separated from the warehouse with fire-resistant walls, and independent safety exits should be set up, and the interconnected doors should be fireproof doors.

3. Safe evacuation exits should be reasonably set up around the building of the logistics center, and the number and interval should be guaranteed in accordance with the 'building regulations', and they should be opened for use at any time.

4. Set up effective and sufficient fire warning and fire extinguishing equipment. First of all, from the technical design of the fire alarm system, the type, number and location of automatic probes should be reasonably set according to the type and importance of the stored goods, combined with the warehouse area and environment, and the infrared radiation, smoke and temperature sensing should be reasonably set in the warehouse area. Probe; in flammable and explosive occasions, the concentration monitoring probe of combustible gas can be set to prevent the leakage of flammable substances and eliminate fire hazards; temperature-sensitive cables are laid in the cable trenches where the conductors are concentrated for monitoring to avoid short circuit or overload caused by the line Electrical fire.

5. Set up an effective and complete automatic fire alarm system and a fire linkage control system.

6. Pay attention to the fire management in daily work and the training of personnel fire awareness and ability. Through education, exercises, etc., all personnel are kept alert to fire, and fire fighting skills and escape capabilities are improved, so as to avoid fire accidents to the greatest extent and reduce losses .

7. It is necessary to carry out daily fire protection inspections, strengthen the daily maintenance of fire-fighting facilities, and strictly prohibit the use of open flames; the warehouse should have adequate ventilation measures, pay attention to the temperature changes in the warehouse, and take appropriate cooling measures; the safety of the fire driveway and warehouse in the reservoir area Keep clear of exits and evacuation stairs.
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