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Pay attention to the following points, can effectively reduce the probability of the customs inspection

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
For the friend that immigrants logistics, encounter the customs check ark is a very depressed thing, check ark speed is slow, may affect their own logistics planning, at the same time will produce a lot of additional costs. In fact in most cases the customs are random, and into the terminal of fast inspection, according to normal process, advertisements are the must be checked. In order to let the sampling rate reduce what we should pay attention to? One, the cause of the customs check ark 1, have been supervised random: customs inspection proportion of one factor is the maximum number of computer audit, have been supervised this is random, without any reason, cause, like buying a lottery ticket; 2, document examination center monitor: by computer center have been supervised the offcial implementation of examination of documents, in general, to declare the price deviation is too big, and the market clear logic error factors such as easier to monitor; 3, the scene monitor: examination of documents by the customs have been supervised by single offcial, in general, provide documents do not tally with the declaration, documents on questionable issues such as easier to monitor; 4, have been supervised department of risk: the risk monitoring department to carry on the monitor, the main duty is to check the instructions in this department, the reason is very complex, and belongs to the confidential nature. Second, the customs inspection to check what according to the 'customs law' regulation, the customs inspection of objects including inbound and outbound goods and articles and transportation. In particular, is refers to the actual check and inspection of inbound and outbound goods and articles on the number of commodity, specifications, ( Heavy) Quantity, value and country of origin is consistent with the declaration; The actual check the inbound and outbound means of transport for modification, GaCang, meets the requirements for customs control, and so on and so forth. Customs check ark is will produce some additional cost, but the cost is not the customs charge, but a pier condole ark charges, ark fee, etc, because it is the customs inspection is the fees, so the dock generally call these fees customs inspection fee, dock will issue formal invoices. Ark fee is paid by the SHIPPER to check the so. General customs check will have inspection before shipment notice, inspection after the completion of inspection report. You can obtain these documents to the forwarder. If the forwarder company can't provide, you can look up ark refused to pay fees. Third, why will produce cost? Examination is an important means of customs supervision, customs declaration is just a program, the customs will be according to your own experience, the policy on some sensitive spot check goods, sometimes for no reason, of course, spot check. Inspection would open the box look, data are consistent with customs, goods name, quantity, the declared value and so on information, tax fraud, to escape the commodity inspection, classified the HS code is not correct. Customs inspection is not money, but because the inspection was conducted in port, port area is responsible for unpacking, loading and unloading, sealing and so on, so should pay port area. Some friends ask why do you want me to check my goods pay, I can only say that this is the rules. Four, customs inspection fee standard is probably how many? This is probably the most concern of the many friends, customs inspection fee in 160 - the United States 260 dollars. Australia's 260 - A $360; About 150 - New Zealand $230. What is the difference between five, LCL, FCL? LCL meet inspection may be the owner more headaches, especially the value smaller, some owners don't understand, my value is only a few hundred dollars, less than 1 cubic, why so your inspection fee. This I'm sorry, inspection, look at the value in LCL sometimes spell ark sometimes spell locker, specific costs refer to the whole case, met only illustrates points back, as the saying goes: point back can't blame society! Six, regular inspection? Inspection is random spot check, though it may seem is luck, but actually how also some of the rules. Customs clearance time, for example, don't too late, especially not on Friday afternoon, such as declaration elements must be specific, customs data description and HS code. Policy at that time, for example, if a specific time for a certain commodity tax rebate adjustment, so in the meantime, in view of the commodity inspection rate could be improved, afraid have tax fraud. At the feast, for example, general inspection rate will be increased.
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