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Luggage emigrants private goods go by sea or air?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-06
Often have a guest to ask such a question: I have some personal items to transport, probably several boxes, go by air or by sea, how to choose, which way is more cheaper price? Today VIPU international logistics Supply Chain analysis of the small make up to you. For international baggage or international logistics is go by air or by sea, many guests think shipping slow, cycle is long, but the relative transportation price will be much cheaper than Courier airfreight, actually this is a very common mistake in the international logistics industry. Shipping usually is according to the volume of goods to accounting prices, and the shipping charge volume is 1 cubic meter CBM) 。 Many guests actually had no idea 1 cubic meters, for example, a leather clothes 40 x50x60cm standard dimensions for the big carton, and the size of 1 cubic meter can actually hold eight such cartons. When customers are only a few cases of goods to transport by sea is very uneconomic way to transport, shipping is charged according to the number of cubic, minimum billing light sea freight will need to pay at least 1 cubic meters of volume; And shipping formalities of customs declaration and customs clearance process is multifarious, if only a small amount of goods, the cost of each corresponding file process will not only a long time, process is complicated. Why less items, international express is much cheaper? Luggage international shipping, international express delivery has a very mature system of transport, whether it is a large, medium and small cities have been basic express network coverage, the efficiency and cost of pick up the goods delivery way is by sea. And express way in customs clearance process is relatively simple, most of the time before shipping also as long as you provide the consignee's personal name, contact information, address etc. The most basic information can complete the formalities. So when should I choose by sea will be cheap? Normally, if you need to transport the goods volume is not greater than 2 cubic meters, and no more than the total weight 300 kg, choose express affirmation is a cost-effective than shipping. So you can imagine, when your goods are some furniture, weight, total volume reach or exceed the above 3 cubic meters, the shipping cost by volume down when the price is cheaper. If by professional international logistics lp again, you must also can security, economic goods have been shipped to your home abroad.
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