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Logistics costs to the United States is generally? How to calculate?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
If you select the international logistics lp logistics from China to the United States, the most concern is the cost of logistics, the logistics cost to the United States is generally? How to calculate? A lot of immigrants friends often call VIPU Supply Chain international consulting how much is the cost of logistics from China to the United States, in fact, the international logistics cost different international freight, international logistics costs associated with the volume of goods, the minimum volumes is 1 cubic meters, after more than 1 cubic meters, according to the actual volume pricing, shipping price is the greater the number of cubic unit price will be cheaper, determine the volume of way will be subject to customs supervision warehouse data. In addition, the FCL and LCL spell ark? FCL, probably need to provide place, ark type, weight and shipping address in the United States; Bulk spell ark, need to provide the commodity name, a heavy feet and shipping address. And the service way: you choose port to port, door to port or door to door, have the information to determine how much freight. So the cost of the logistics of what constitutes? 1, the packing of the goods, Depends on how much you goods packaging requirements) 2, the goods shipped, ( The goods depends on your shipping address, far and near distance port) 3, the customs clearance fee, The cost of this item is usually fixed costs) 4, port of shipment of the goods inspection, The customs spot check, to check the strength decide how much to charge, can also according to you the goods cubic number is larger fluctuations) 5, port of shipment, port handling, General also become THC, actually contains the collection of the goods, port security, documents, seal, telex release of b/l, and so on 10 several fees) 6, cargo ocean freight, The shipping company charge the port of shipment to the port of destination ship freight, actually this part costs accounted for the proportion of the total cost is not high) 7, the miscellaneous expenses of the port of destination, General also become the port of destination THC, contains the port of destination port of discharge, port security, documents, change single, etc. ) 8, the port of destination customs inspection fee, For project cost for the possible cost, some countries will check such as Australia, new, some countries for the spot check, such as the United States, plus, specific to the actual charge) 9, the port of destination service, ( Actually this part in the whole process of transportation fees accounted for almost half of the total expense, some countries even more than half, contains the clearance fee, container shipping in towing, discharging remove garbage fee) More than just simple column took regular expenses, because the actual situation of every ticket goods may also contain different, heavy handling fee ( Such as piano) , remote handling fee ( Because of the truck can't close to the customer at home) And pour goods fee ( Dock container unable to customer home) And so on, have to make a judgment according to the actual situation. American immigration clearance check logistics and private goods need to provide the information as follows: 1, personal passport ( A photo page and visa page) - to provide 2, social security number before shipment SocialSecurityNo. ( SSN) - to provide 3 before shipment, such as job card green card admission notice, the necessary files, to provide 4, customs a power of attorney (before shipment POA) - to provide 5 before shipment, the packing list before shipment to provide 6, recent ticket itinerary - can be provided after shipment by 7, Form3299 - can provide after shipment by 8, Formpersonaleffectssupplemental - can provide logistics after shipment to the United States how to save cost 1, and the choice of formal international logistics lp in advance can consultation, choose a have a certain popularity and good reputation in the international company, ask for quotation list, to avoid the occurrence of the low-cost, high destination charge hidden fees 2, selection of packaging materials can be told in advance logistics lp to provide more appropriate packaging materials, but the accumulation of at ordinary times also is very be necessary, such as waste carton newspaper; New home appliance of foam, shockproof membrane; Cotton, cloth, etc. , are all very good packaging material, these do not need to spend money waste product at the right time can better protect your & other; Throughout the home &; 3, a sure the goods to be sent before decided to reserve logistics lp door-to-door delivery, shall determine all of the items, try to avoid placing later found to have other goods need to send the status of the shipment, to cover positions unnecessary expenses. 4, appropriate abandon too heavy and unnecessary items, as we all know, the volume and weight is the charge standard of international logistics lp, appropriate part with big unnecessary items are necessary, you may pay for the freight is enough to change a new. 5, the correct reasonable packaging, clever use of space if you can reasonable packaging, can be as much as possible of the loading of the items you want to transport, so as to improve service price. : (more packing details, please refer to the proposal 1) Item classification packaging boxes, want to consider various impact friction in the process of transportation, 2) Big clothing with good garment cap, level off into the box, and attach moistureproof agent ( 3) Shoes need a shoe box installed, the inside of the shoe aperture can be tucked into is suitable for the small volume of sundry, finally along with all the shoes with plastic bags tied ( 4) Fragile goods need to separate a shockproof membrane packing is good, again into a special box, need the sea all round, newspapers such as shock packs ( 5) For the big furniture, can remove to remove the packing as far as possible, and the parts are marked so that the assembly again, 6) Large home appliance to prevent scratches protection, and in each Angle place with corner protector ( 7) Sporadic small objects as far as possible the packaging, using the lost pieces, in order to avoid handling way slide ( 8) All kinds of kitchen utensils and tools packing and load in the whole, to avoid accidentally hurt when unloading
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