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Jewelry send Amazon fba head to find VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-10
Miss Xia is a foreign trade manager specializing in jewelry and jewelry in Shenzhen. Last year, Miss Xia opened the Amazon platform and received some orders. She felt that the business was quite good, so this year she decided to vigorously maintain and operate the Amazon platform. In recent days, Miss Xia has received another order, which is to be sent to Amazon. However, because the logistics company she worked with before was not ideal, Miss Xia searched the Internet to find a reliable freight forwarding company.

Searching for 'Amazon fba headway' through Baidu, Miss Xia saw VIPUTRANS logistics, and after browsing related logistics cases on the website, she felt that it was relatively reliable. So I conducted a simple consultation and communication with the customer service on the website, and learned that VIPUTRANS is focused on the first-way logistics and transportation of Amazon fba in the United States, and it is more in line with my own requirements, so I left my contact information.

Soon, VIPUTRANS salesman Sandy called Miss Xia to learn about relevant cargo information and delivery requirements. Ms. Xia’s goods are about 200kg, which are to be sent to the Amazon ftw1 warehouse in the United States. Since she is more concerned about the logistics price issue, Miss Xia feels that international express or air transportation is too expensive, so I want to see if it can be. Take sea bulk cargo LCL. After understanding this information, Sandy reported the fba's first shipping price and timeliness to the customer, allowing her to weigh and choose. And Sandy reminded Miss Xia that the packaging of jewelry products needs to be careful to avoid damage and loss. It is recommended to use boxes of at least 7x4x4 size to send jewelry. And the packaging box should not be too small, because too small box is easy to be misplaced or forgotten during transportation.

After several days of consideration, Miss Xia finally decided to choose VIPUTRANS for cooperation and soon delivered the goods to our warehouse. After 28 days of transportation, the goods reached the destination safely. During this period, we also maintained close contact for logistics information feedback. Miss Xia didn’t need to spend too much time on this during the whole process. The one-stop service provided by VIPUTRANS made her feel relieved. After that, she decided to have a long-term cooperation and signed related contracts to reach a friendly cooperative relationship. .
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