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How should Amazon FBA return sellers get compensation

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-19
It's another year of peak sales season. When Amazon sellers are preparing for Halloween, Christmas, Black Friday and many other year-end holidays, in addition to the inherent problems of operation and product selection, the refund and return of logistics in the peak season have also become a faint pain for many sellers. How to deal with the return of Amazon FBA first course? Is there any specific compensation for the seller who has been returned? Let's take a look with VIPUTRANS!

   How is the Amazon FBA return process?

   As we all know, Amazon FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) aims to complete the self-delivery model for Amazon platform sellers in which the product inventory of the platform is directly sent to Amazon's local FBA warehouse through the system. The main return operation process includes:

  1. After the buyer completes the submission of the 'return application', the seller can check the specific order items and details in the 'return management' in the background;

  2, the seller can process the buyer's return application according to the specific provisions of the Amazon product return policy;

  3. If the seller closes the buyer's return application, the Amazon platform will email the buyer to inform the buyer of the reason for the closure;

  4. If the return request is approved, the Amazon platform will send the seller's return address to the buyer in the form of an email;

   5. When the seller receives the returned goods, he completes the page operation of 'Manage Returns' or 'Manage Orders' to formally complete the order refund.

   Several situations of FBA order return

Presumably Amazon sellers have some insights. In the face of full year-end logistics, when Amazon FBA provides convenient logistics and transportation services for platform sellers, many sellers are confused about FBA orders because of specific platform rules: buyer requirements How to deal with returned Amazon FBA orders? Under what circumstances, can the seller get the corresponding actual compensation?

In response to the above problems, Amazon 3C electronic product seller K said that for products returned to the Amazon fulfillment center, Amazon will evaluate whether the status of each returned product is 'saleable', and will re-insert it if it is available for sale. The seller’s own saleable inventory; if the status of the returned product is evaluated as 'unsaleable' and damage or defect has occurred, the Amazon platform will evaluate the cause of the damage to the product based on the actual situation, and use this to judge whether the seller meets the compensation requirements .

Amazon FBA head trip

According to the communication between seller K and the customer service staff of Amazon platform, once the returned product is inconsistent or different from the previously published product, the product will be classified as 'unsaleable', and it mainly includes the defective product , Damaged, lack of required labels, prohibited products or other products that are not suitable for sale, and also include dangerous products that may pose a health and life safety threat to the personnel of the Amazon fulfillment center; for this item 'not for sale' The Amazon platform will require the seller to hand over the removal order within 30 days after the returned product arrives at the Amazon fulfillment center. Of course, the seller can also automatically dispose of these unsaleable inventory; when the product has potential safety hazards, health hazards or liability risks, it is necessary to Examples of returned products that need to be disposed of immediately include: inventory of regulated dangerous goods, broken glass, opened personal care and sexual health products, consumer products, products with expiration dates, bedding, and maternal and infant products Commodities and so on.

  Refund and compensation rules under buyer return

Some sellers who have been tragically returned by buyers do not need to panic. Seller K admitted that if the goods are lost or damaged during Amazon's control, Amazon will obtain relevant compensation for the refund of the logistics order, and if there is not enough damage and liability information to calculate the goods If the amount of compensation is limited, Amazon officials will generally take the default compensation for specific classifications.

Among them, if the seller has already returned the relevant refund to the buyer, but the returned product is not returned to the Amazon fulfillment center in 45 days after the refund, then in this case, Amazon will collect the relevant fee from the buyer. To the seller; and if the buyer successfully returns the product to the Amazon fulfillment center within the specified 45 days, Amazon judges that the product is in a saleable state, and the Amazon platform will put the product back into the seller’s inventory without any compensation; if the product is returned If it is not for sale and Amazon is responsible, Amazon will provide compensation to the seller and will not re-add the product to the seller’s inventory. In addition, the Amazon customer service staff solemnly stated that for any refund issued by the seller directly to the buyer, Amazon will not pay the seller any compensation for this, and the seller should be aware of it.
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