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Home of the baggage which items are easy to be taxed

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-09
Most people who go abroad to study or work outside home would consider before choosing baggage company or other sources to send luggage back, but the goods in the domestic is easy to collect duties. By a tariff, some people may not great, so that we can talk to specific, what items easier to collect taxes, what items will not produce duties? 1, general won't produce tariff items themselves through the clothes, shoes, books, bedding, etc. , generally something new or said, as long as cut off the tags, and old clothes for the mixed together, that is absolutely no problem. 2, easy to produce the goods of tariff cosmetics, milk powder, all kinds of size appliances, gold and silver products ( The normal family company will first send this things, and want you to pay a large sum of money, they may find it necessary to take some risks) , cigarettes, luxury goods, Mainly all kinds of female bag) , all kinds of goods ( Brand new, the same kind of much more special) 。 In fact for these items will have a reasonable use, take cosmetics, usually two or three mainly absolutely won't have tariffs, but encounter makeup geek, single nail polish has dozens of bottles that don't want to tax exemption. And milk powder, if want to take, or Suggestions to find some regular checked before shipping companies such as dragon international baggage under consulting, usually one or two cans or there is no problem. Then there are all kinds of electrical appliances, such things should be taxed. Also some belong to the luxury goods, such as gucci, LV bags, recommend if you have these things, the first thing to do is to hide, how to find some old clothes wrapped. Some objects in fact according to domestic law can bring some, but general baggage companies don't want to take these risks, for the domestic, if baggage clearance ability is not strong, often can cause of delay in customs clearance, maybe also seized the whole container, that will do more harm than good, so if some baggage will you check these items for you to receive money or not directly answer: cigarettes ( Chinese customs bandlimited 2, but this company doesn't pick up my luggage, because be detected may be miserable, the whole batch of baggage to check) , gold and silver products, Silver tableware can also accept, but also belongs to the precious metal, must want much money, but gold products calculate) And all kinds of medicines, etc. Above is VIPU international Supply Chain logistics lp baggage the years accumulated a little experience, for your reference. If you want to know more about baggage related information, please contact VIPU official customer service Supply Chain.
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