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Furniture of shipping how long will it take to get to New Zealand? What shipping process to need?

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-13
Furniture of shipping from Beijing to New Zealand how long will it take? Compared to the domestic logistics, international logistics more distant journey, also a lot more on link, a longer time. Furniture of shipping from Beijing to the new west need a month or so, it is important to note that this is just the shipping schedule, the customs declaration, booking domestic and foreign customs clearance and so on need to allow 15 days or so, all the time about 45 days, if have logistics plan, logistics date can plan ahead. The following is a VIPU Supply Chain logistics is introduced international shipping process and some matters needing attention. One, shipping process 1, furniture and other large goods shipped to New Zealand, generally are shipping, cargo volume is larger than 20 cubic package transportation cabinet cost-effective, less than 20 cubic go LCL cargo. Is take the FCL will lower the number of handling in the cabinet. 2, the volume of evaluate your shipment of goods, invoice value, we will help you estimate the goods volume regardless of the old and new, together with how many 3 to calculate the freight volume, booking space, by our staff the goods according to your size, weight, destination port, cargo list with ship company booking information. At home we can offer door to door shipping, of course, you can according to our company provide warehouse address, and write the shipping mark, package delivery to our warehouse, goods received neat order after shipment. 4, the personnel of the service will negotiate with customer delivery time, determine the delivery time we arrange the container, if the goods need to play gallows or woodiness material goods, need to do fumigation we will arrange the fumigation, 5, are generally pay for export goods, customer private items, we will help to customs clearance in China, the New Zealand port after will arrange customs clearance. 6, wait for customs clearance, we will arrange to send the goods to the customer on the door, the door of the office for the unloading, installation of furniture, take away the rubbish, such as services, we will arrange workers over truck. 2, 1, matters needing attention to transport the private goods, not involving political, pornographic discs have hazardous, this sort of thing, and some, such as: food, Dry and meat) And wine ( Alcohol, fuel) And medicine, Cold medicine, health products and other drugs not wine) 。 What are New Zealand banned items and control items, you can refer to the international logistics New Zealand banned items and tube products list. 2 remember that they can't bark and moldy. Third, experience; 1, the New Zealand customs documents within five years new immigrants first old shipment to New Zealand can be duty-free. But to apply for duty-free ark probability will be greatly increased and the cost for inspection in the decades to $one thousand, if the value is not high, suggested that the normal tax import 2, before the container loading ark, take a few photos after loading, if the customs check goods can provide, so reduce the risk New Zealand customs inspection on 3, we are free shipping, door to door insurance goods don't hurry to open it, then see if the outer packing is damaged, if there is damage to take pictures, if you don't take pictures the outer packing is damaged, it damages, the insurance company is denied. 4, to buy the goods may be assembled large open volume is small, however, such as chest, dresser and so on, if you don't feel trouble, can be shipped to New Zealand to be assembled, this volume will be much smaller. Freight will be much less. 5, buy goods are not solid wood, but has fragile needs a wooden frame, then call a person not to give you a real wood is worn, been playing splint wooden frame, can avoid the cost of fumigation.
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