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FBA shipping first what are the important port _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-02
Port: the definition of a port is a sea, river, river, lake, reservoir, with waterway transportation equipment and conditions for ship safety and transport hub, is the rally point and hub of land and water transportation, industrial and agricultural products and foreign trade import and export goods and ship berthing, loading and unloading cargo and passengers, up and down supplies. So FBA head cheng what are the important port of shipping. Below small make up give you specific introduction. 1, China ( China) Qinhuangdao qinhuangdao port is * * natural ice-free port in north China, is the world's second largest energy output port, is our country; Throughout south north coal transport &; The translating important hub ports. Dalian dalian port in the center of the Pacific northwest, is the transport in the far east, South Asia, North America, Europe, * and convenient port of goods. Tianjin tianjin, also known as tianjin xingang port, is situated on the intersection in the beijing-tianjin-hebei urban agglomeration and the bohai economic circle, is * big comprehensive port in north China and an important foreign trade port. Qingdao port, Qingdao port is the national oversize is a key state-owned enterprises in our country, the second one hundred million tons of throughput of foreign trade port in China. Is the west coast of the Pacific important international trade port and sea transport hub. Shanghai Shanghai is China's main coastal hub port, jiang jin hai, canals, triangle belt, waterway transportation is very developed. Shanghai is China's opening to the outside world, to participate in the international economic circulation of important ports. Ningbo - Ningbo - zhoushan port Zhoushan port is located in the southeast coast of China, backed by the Yangtze river economic belt and the eastern coastal economic belt; T” Type of intersection of the Yangtze river delta region. ; Ningbo - Zhoushan port & throughout; The name since January 1, 2006 the official opening, the original; Ningbo port & throughout; And; Zhoushan port & throughout; The name is no longer used. Xiamen kangxi government open order from 1684 after one hundred and fifty years, the rapid development of foreign trade of xiamen shipping special port trade port to transport across the country. Guangzhou port of guangzhou port is located in China's export-oriented economy * active center of the pearl river delta region, is China's fourth largest port, the throughput in the fifth in the world. Guangzhou port is the world's maritime history * * on more than 2000 years of enduring dagang, could be called; The durable birthplace of maritime silk road east & throughout; Shenzhen, shenzhen is located in the south of the pearl river delta of guangdong province in the pearl river estuary LingDingYang east, adjacent to Hong Kong, is the fine natural harbor in south China. Shenzhen yantian, shekou, chiwan, mawan, recruit five dock and dahuang, man kam to and sha tau kok three big land ports. * quality of yantian port is shenzhen port, for, most of the world's second largest port in China have a shipping company are * straight lines, especially for ship company * to European and American airlines. While both shekou and mom bay in the majority with the boat company and persons in the ship line. Hong Kong port is the port of Hong Kong Chinese natural harbor, shipping center in the far east, outside the pearl river mouth on the east side, between Hong Kong island and Kowloon Peninsula. Hong Kong is located in the crossroads of our country and neighboring Asian countries, the entrance of the pearl river delta, and is located in the center of the impressive economic growth of Asia Pacific beyond, as the is the south. Port of Hong Kong is the world's busy and * *, one of the efficient international container port, is also a major hub port on the global supply chain. About; FBA shipping first leg what are the important port & throughout; Problem, the above content has detail clear for everyone, hope I can help you.
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