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FBA Shipping FCL Shipment to the U.S. Trust Assurance

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-07
Dongguan, Guangdong is a city focused on furniture manufacturers. With the development of the Amazon e-commerce platform, many Amazon sellers of furniture in the Dongguan area have begun to grow up. Furniture products are heavy goods, and they are basically shipped by air and express. It's not realistic, so FBA has become the preferred channel for furniture sellers.
Mr. Zeng is the boss of a furniture manufacturer. Two years ago, he entered the Amazon platform in the United States. After experiencing the baptism of the market, the company has grown into the top seller of furniture category. A year ago, Mr. Zeng used the Internet to communicate with Baoshi Express Dongguan Get acquainted with the branch. At that time, the rich KENNY reception by the business manager of Baoshi Express. KENNY developed several FBA solutions for Zeng Zeng, starting with saving logistics costs and optimizing the speed of delivery, which was recognized by Zeng Sheng. One year Since the cooperation, the two parties have formed a tacit understanding. KENNY is also seeing the growth of a furniture seller. From the previous one FBA shipping container per month, to nearly 10 FBA containers per month, the sales performance has grown steadily. The company's performance is also thriving. Every year at the annual meeting of Zeng's factory, KENNY will be invited to visit, and now the two have become business partners.
VIPUTRANS International Logistics has mature experience in furniture cross-border logistics. From the door-to-door pick-up at the front end, to double customs clearance by sea, to the later delivery, VIPUTRANS International Logistics has formed a complete business chain, even in the ever-changing Sino-US trade. In 2018, when there was a lot of friction, there were few major maritime accidents, and zero loss of goods was achieved, and the on-time delivery rate was as high as 90%.
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