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Dolls and dolls are sent to the US fba head to

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-11
Miss Chen recently found VIPUTRANS through a network search, because she was anxious to find an American fba head transportation company to ship the goods, so she called directly to the business manager of the week. Through communication, Ms. Chen is mainly exporting to the United States, and the main sales are doll products. And this time, Miss Chen has a batch of 700kg dolls to be sent to the Amazon warehouse in the United States. Because a freight forwarder she was looking for before failed to ship due to communication problems and delays, Miss Chen decided to find a transportation company to solve this problem. And because of the time delay, I also want to choose air transportation. After understanding the specific situation and providing relevant certification confirmation for toys, Mr. Zhou immediately chose the fastest air transportation plan for Ms. Chen, and made a quotation and timeliness determination based on the volume of goods. After considering the comparison, Miss Chen also decided to deliver the goods to VIPUTRANS. Soon, Miss Chen delivered the goods to our warehouse, and when the flight time came, the goods were delivered in time for safe freight.

In fact, for customers, timeliness and safety are the most important, and price is the second. VIPUTRANS will carry out reasonable Amazon fba first-way logistics plan design for the needs of customers, and take full responsibility for your logistics and transportation, so that you can save time, worry, and safety throughout the process!
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