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Detailed explanation of shipping process

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-04
Inquiry---Quotation---Confirm BOOKING (appointment/booking power of attorney)---Booking to the freight forwarder---S/O to the shipping company---Take S/O to pick up the cabinet---Make the cabinet- --Return the counter---Customs declaration---Release---Provide supplementary materials---Confirm the bill---Check DEBIT NOTE---Payment---Receipt

The shipping process is explained in detail as follows:

Needless to say about the inquiry and the quotation, let's start with BOOKING.

1. Confirm BOOKING: You don’t need to write the BOOKING for the first time. Write the company name/destination port/how many containers/what type of container/product name/what kind of vessel to match/a negotiated price just for protection. The interests of both parties should best be stamped with an official seal.

2. Booking with the shipping company: After we pass the BOOKING to the international freight forwarder, the forwarder will let the operator arrange the shipping company based on the BOOKING received and the situation negotiated with us.

3. The shipping company releases S/O (Shipping Order/loading instruction/discharge paper): The shipping company confirms that there is a cabin and releases S/O to the freight forwarder. S/O is the proof of picking up the container and loading the ship.

4. Pick up the cabinet with S/O: After getting the S/O, we arrange the trailer to pick up the cabinet. The trailer will place the order according to the instructions written on the S/O and pick up the cabinet at the designated place. The counter number and seal number will be generated after the order is placed. The seal is actually a lock made of plastic and metal. It is a one-time-use seal instead of a paper sticker in the concept. MSC, the shipping company, can go to the designated place to pick up the counters directly from the display on the S/O without making orders. In this operation, there will be a billing fee (usually 30), sometimes there will be a hanging cabinet fee when picking up the cabinet, and there may be a heavy picking fee when the heavy cabinet is released (according to the shipping company’s shipping process ).

5. Make cabinets: The trailer takes the Ji cabinet (empty cabinet) to the factory to load the cabinet, which is also called the cabinet. Pay attention to the time and location arrangement when making the cabinet, and the trailer must be on time. In addition, the cost of trailers cannot be generalized, because sometimes it may take two, three or even four factories to make the cabinets. The locations are different and the costs are different. Generally, a fee agreement must be signed in advance. In the usual business cooperation, press This signed contract to operate. During peak seasons, this fee may increase slightly. The specific amount must be agreed with the towing dealer in advance, otherwise it will affect mutual cooperation.

6. Return the cabinet: After loading the cabinet, put a seal on it, and pull it back to the dock yard. It can also be called return. (If returning an empty container is also called returning to an empty container, you will have to pay a return fee, which is different for different shipping companies)

7. Customs declaration: As soon as the trailer passes the gate, the customs system displays the gate, and the declaration can be started. The filling and delivery of this customs declaration information must be timely and accurate. If the goods are licensed, if the declaration is to be declared according to the license, the customs declaration information must be accompanied by a copy of the customer’s authorization letter. Filling in the customs declaration information must be combined with financial and business arrangements, because the information inside will be related to tax refunds, financial operations and other aspects. If the declaration is fast, it can be reported in half a day, if it is slow, it will take a day. (If you are unlucky enough to check the container, check the goods as soon as possible. If the customs takes a glance and leave, you will pay a check-up fee. Yantian usually costs 580 (different terminal fees are also different) if you return the container late , The customs took out all the goods and checked them one by one. Then, when it’s over, let’s wait to get on and off the boat. So return the container as early as possible. The probability of being checked on the customs declaration day is the greatest. Of course, we still have the goods if we check our cabinets. The name of the product is related to the mood of the customs master). Sometimes in order to catch the ship, we can choose to make a quick order, which means to let the customs release quickly. At present, it can only be operated in Shekou, but not in Yantian. Generally, the fee is 800; sometimes it is checked by the machine. It is more troublesome if the goods are checked by people. If there is a discrepancy between the goods and the customs declaration information, there may be a lot of trouble. In order to avoid unnecessary large expenses, there are some gray operations (that is, black box operations). Customs brokers will use their relationship with inspectors and customs to use fees ranging from hundreds to thousands or even tens of thousands to let the cabinet pass. This is a transparent secret in the industry. The specific cost depends on the actual situation. Sometimes I have made a quick order, but due to the general customs control, the quick order is still checked. This situation is rare, but it will also happen. In this case, the customs broker will charge us less Quick order fee, but not forgive.

8. Release: The shipping process is okay. Once released, it’s time to arrange shipment. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

9. Provide supplementary materials: Because the contents of the first BOOKING are only approximate, so to confirm the details on the final bill of lading, supplementary materials must be provided.

10. One-to-one: Three-party to one-to-one. Freight forwarders and customers are right, shipping companies and freight forwarders are right. Yes, yes, confirm OK

11. Open DEBIT NOTE: The shipping company opens to the freight forwarder, and the forwarder opens to us. After the confirmation is correct, we will pay according to the designated account (exchange rate issues must be discussed with your forwarder, don’t underestimate the exchange rate difference, maybe only the difference of a few dollars will make you and the forwarder very different Happy, affect the next cooperation)

12. Collection of the verification form: After all the procedures of the shipping process are completed, don’t forget that there is still a verification form that needs to be processed. Because we still need export tax rebates, the timely collection of verification forms is for us The work of export tax rebates is very important.

After the payment is completed, the bill of lading can be received after the account is received (if it is telex, then telex). If it is a monthly settlement, we will say separately.
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