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VIPU international logistics Supply Chain? See VIPU named 'Supply'

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-11
Whether through all kinds of Internet advertising, or learned by relatives and friends recommend VIPU international logistics Supply Chain, a lot of friends have such worry or doubt: VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to the end? VIPU Supply Chain of many advisers face some customers question has not yet cooperation for a long time, even being compared with some colleagues: & other; XX website every day there are a lot of customer high praise, but you didn't & throughout; , we really understand and respect customers friends worry, small make up here today for & other; How about VIPU international logistics Supply Chain & throughout; This problem and make some official response, the hope can help you make your own judgment: 1. Neptune VIPU Supply Chain International, formerly Hong Kong International Group Limited's International logistics department, operating in mainland China since 2005 to the global multinational logistics business has more than 10 years of history, in 2015 to provide customers with better services, International logistics services from the parent company, registered in Shanghai, registered capital of 10 million yuan, the full name for & other; Shanghai VIPU throughout Supply Chain international freight agency co. , LTD. &; , since in mainland China's independence, standardized management. So, VIPU Supply Chain business regulation, by the state related departments and VIPU Supply Chain cooperation also has the standard transport contract, your rights is by the relevant national laws and regulations and the stipulations of the contract within the scope of protection. 2. For part of the peer praise bask in single website updates every day a lot of customers, small make up consultation with our technical department, the answer is: & other; Bask in single well the things, you can refer to taobao, the vast majority of customers are actually don't have the time and mood to write paragraphs website reviews and photos uploaded, especially the international logistics is a niche industry, a large number of customers every day sun praise alone is unlikely to happen, if you have, that is similar to taobao brush list, it's your own website, completely themselves make high praise and the logistics scene photos uploaded, form every day there are a lot of praise, in order to let the customer trust & throughout; 3. Want to understand how a company, it is suggested that the main or to ensure that each other whether formal legal management of the company, and after communication to judge the consultant's professional level and service quality. Otherwise, it is easy to fall into & other; Soft text ads & throughout; The trap. 4. Return to a lot of customer concern: & other; VIPU international logistics Supply Chain? ” , small make up recommend and VIPU Supply Chain consultant to communicate, again with other peer service, professional degrees, and a comparison on price. Finally, worldliness, in order to do a real customer evaluation conclusion:
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