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Type of distribution center

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-02-27
The existence of a distribution center is similar to that of a turnover station. Different types of turnover stations have different functions. According to different market needs, the types of distribution centers are also diverse. As a logistics practitioner, correctly understand the different types of Distribution center to improve work efficiency. Image source: Internet Type: professional distribution center, flexible distribution center, supply distribution center, sales distribution center, urban distribution center, regional distribution center, storage distribution center, distribution distribution center, processing distribution center, other distribution center. Detailed types 1. Professional Distribution Center A professional distribution center has two meanings: one is that the distribution object and the distribution technology belong to a certain professional category, and integrate a variety of materials of the specialty for distribution, such as the sales distribution center of most manufacturing industries; Service-oriented distribution centers that are basically not engaged in business. 2. Flexible Distribution Center Flexible distribution centers do not develop in a fixed or specialized direction, but emphasize market adaptability. It can change at any time according to changes in the market and customer needs. It has strong adaptability to customer requirements, not necessarily a fixed supply-demand relationship, but continuously develops and even changes the (favorable) direction of distribution customers. 3. Supply and Distribution Center A distribution center that specializes in organizing supplies for one or some customers (such as manufacturing plants, affiliated stores, and joint companies). For example, distribution centers that organize supplies for large supermarket chains, and parts distribution centers that deliver parts to factories for manufacturing and assembly plants are all supply-oriented distribution centers. 4. Sales and Distribution Center Sales and distribution centers are for the purpose of sales management and distribution as the means of distribution centers, and their types are as follows: (1) A distribution center established by a manufacturing company to sell its products. The advantage is that it can directly face the market, understand the demand, and timely feedback to guide production. (2) Distribution centers established by distribution companies. Distribution companies will set up distribution centers as a way to operate to increase sales. Most of the distribution centers currently proposed in China belong to this type, and there are many examples abroad. (3) A cooperative distribution center that combines distribution companies and manufacturing companies. 5. City Distribution Center A city is a distribution center with a distribution area. Due to the concentration of production and consumption in the city, large material flow and developed automobile transportation, this distribution center can directly deliver to end customers. Therefore, such distribution centers are often combined with retail operations. 6. Regional Distribution Center A regional distribution center refers to a distribution center that has strong radiation capabilities and inventory preparations, and delivers goods to customers at the provincial (state), national, and international levels. This type of distribution center is usually large in scale, with many customers, large batches, and different operations. It can be distributed to the next-level distribution center, as well as to stores, wholesalers, and corporate customers. Maybe also engaged in sporadic distribution, but not the main form. 7. Storage Distribution Center Distribution center with strong storage capabilities. Generally speaking, in order to ensure the supply of goods to users and downstream distribution centers, such storage-type distribution centers function as reservoirs. 8. Distribution type distribution center Basically there is no long-term storage function, only the distribution center for temporary storage or in-and-out method for distribution and delivery. The typical way of this kind of distribution center is: purchase a large amount of goods as a whole and send them out in a certain batch, using a large-scale splitter, and directly enter the splitter conveyor when receiving the goods, and then deliver them to each customer's location or directly to the distribution car. , The goods in the distribution center only a little stagnation. 9. Processing and distribution center Distribution center with processing functions. 10. Other distribution centers (1) According to the owner of the distribution center, there are a manufacturer-type distribution center, a retailer-type distribution center, a wholesaler-type distribution center, and a transshipment (third-party logistics) distribution center. (2) According to the types of goods delivered, there are food distribution centers, daily necessities distribution centers, pharmaceutical distribution centers, cosmetics distribution centers, home appliance distribution centers, electronic product distribution centers, book product distribution centers, apparel product distribution centers, and auto parts distribution. Center, etc.
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