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Transnational logistics shipping container shipping and handover process

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-03-12
In multinational logistics marine furniture, personal items are all transported internationally through containers. Since the container itself is a high-strength container, it can protect the goods during transportation. When the goods are transported in a container, the transportation packaging can be simplified, the packaging cost can be saved, and the transportation safety of the goods can be improved. So, how exactly are these containers operated? Do you know the sending and handover process? Today, the editor is here to show you the ways of popular science. 1. The issuance and handover of containers are based on the issuance and handover of containers. The 'Container Equipment Handover' shall be implemented in accordance with the 'Import Bill of LadingSingle' system. Units engaged in container business must go through the procedures for pick-up (delivery), delivery (return), entry (port), and exit (port) of containers with the 'Container Equipment Handover Form' issued by the container agent. 2. Division of handover responsibilities   (1) The handover between the ship and the port is based on the side of the ship.   (2) The handover between the Hong Kong side and the cargo side (or its agent), and inland (road) carriers is bounded by the Hong Kong side inspection bridge.   (3) The yard, the transfer station and the cargo owner (or its agent), inland (road) carrier handover are bounded by the crossing of the yard and transfer station.   (4) The transfer between the port, the yard transfer station and the inland (railway, waterway) carrier is bounded by wagons and ships. 3. When the imported heavy container is picked up from the field, when the imported heavy container is picked up from the port area, storage yard, and transfer station, the cargo owner (or its agent), inland (waterway, road, railway) carrier should hold the customs release 'Import Pickup 'Order form' to the on-site handling office designated by the container agent to handle the container issuance procedures. In accordance with the 'Import Bill of Lading”And “Handover Form of Container Equipment Arrival”. The cargo owner and the inland carrier shall pick up the heavy containers at the designated place by presenting the 'Container Equipment Handover FormAnd handle the transfer of incoming container equipment. 4. Export heavy container delivery (containment) and incoming handover export container enter the port area. The cargo owner and inland carrier shall present the 'Container Export Packing List' or 'Station Receipt\'Orders' to the designated port area to deliver heavy containers, and handle the incoming container equipment handover. The designated port area collects heavy containers in accordance with the 'Export Container Pre-allocation List5. The issuance and delivery of empty containers When empty containers are lifted out of the port area, storage yard, or transfer station, the carrier (the cargo owner or its agent, inland carrier) should submit a written application to the container agent. The container agent issues an 'Exit Container Equipment Handover Form' or 'Incoming Container Equipment Handover Form' to the carrier according to the 'Export Booking FormThe person who carries the case shall pick up the empty container at the designated place with the 'Container Delivery Form on Site6. Procedures to be performed by the receiving and dispatching locations The designated receiving and dispatching locations shall accept the receipt and dispatch procedures of containers with the 'Container Equipment Handover Form' issued by the container agent. Distribute containers based on the 'Exit Container Equipment Handover Form' and go through the procedures for handover of the on-site container equipment; use the 'Incoming Container Equipment Handover Form' to collect containers and handle the equipment handover. The main content of the delivery of container equipment:   (1) carrying case (container and carrier);   (2) delivery location;   (3) purpose (exporting cargo, repairing, importing heavy containers, etc.);   (4) container number , Title (lead seal number, customs seal number);   (5) container size and type;   (6) container owner;   (7) pick-up and departure date;   (8) container carrier brand number;   (9) container exit inspection record (intact or damage). The main content of the incoming container equipment handover list:   (1) the person who sent the box;   (2) the date of the delivery;   (3) container number and title;   (4) container size and type;   (5) container owner;   (6) Purpose: ①Return heavy containers; ②Export containers. At this time, you need to register the time and place (voyage, time) to which the container was sent;   (7) Cargo carrier brand number;   (8) Container inspection record. The container delivery points should be carefully inspected and recorded, and the situation of entering and leaving the container should be reported to the container agent in time, and actively cooperate with the container agent's work, so that the container agent can timely and accurately grasp the utilization of the container and make timely arrangements The transportation and repair of containers, the recovery of the delayed use fee of the container, and the recovery of the damage and loss of the container.  Editor's summary: After the above introduction, I believe everyone has a general understanding of the entire operation process of shipping containers. When transnational logistics needs to handle a large number of bulky and large items, sea containers have the highest cost performance compared to other transportation methods. VIPU Supply Chain international logistics provides maritime container transportation services for the majority of overseas logistics people throughout the year. If you have this need, you are welcome to call our online phone.
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