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To ensure safe production in the logistics industry

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-02
June of this year is the 19th safe production month in the country, with the theme of 'eliminating hidden dangers of accidents and building a strong line of defense.' Safety production is an eternal topic, and always putting safety work in the first place is the top priority of the company's production and operation.

The 'Wenling Tanker Explosion Accident' that occurred on June 13 touched people's hearts. The public regretted the unfortunate casualties and were also seeking the truth. Why did the accident happen? Why is it so tragic? This incident has once again sounded the alarm for the society, reminding that the supervision of relevant departments should never be relaxed, and that the relevant industries and enterprises should not be paralyzed.

To prevent problems before they happen, the string of safe production must be tightened at all times.

Not long ago, the Work Safety Committee of the State Council stated that it will further promote the investigation of potential traffic safety hazards, urge the transportation and public security departments to learn from one another, increase law enforcement and control of road traffic surfaces, and strictly investigate and punish speeding, fatigue driving, and overcrowding. Such as prominent illegal acts, and effectively ensure the safety of road traffic and transportation. On the “Work Safety Advice and Reporting Platform” jointly established by the Office of the State Council Work Safety Committee, the Office of the Chief Editor of People’s Daily, and People’s Daily Online, more than 7000 messages about “safety production” have been received from April to June, including large trucks. 'Overload, speeding, frequent lane changes' and other safety hazard messages are more prominent.

In view of the hidden safety hazards caused by illegal large trucks, if we start from the business source and solve the road freight safety problem, then the similar 'Wenling tank truck explosion accident' can be effectively contained to a large extent. In fact, the online freight platform currently booming in the logistics industry, based on innovative operating models and the application of leading information technology, especially functions such as vehicle trajectory monitoring, has unique advantages in ensuring freight safety and road transportation safety.

At present, some leading platform companies in the industry have already had a wealth of successful practices in this regard based on unremitting R&D and exploration. For example, China Reserve Nanjing Smart Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as China Reserve Smart Transportation) has realized the digitization of the entire business process of vehicle entry, loading and unloading, in transit, unloading, and settlement. At the same time, it has always insisted on monitoring the entire vehicle trajectory and completely recording the transportation trajectory. For different nodes, products such as line deviation warning and transportation delay warning have been developed, and the trajectory monitoring technology has been upgraded to the product service level.

First of all, in order to ensure the authenticity of the transaction, CSC Smart Transportation has established a strict membership certification and review mechanism at the beginning of its establishment, and each order has achieved the 'five flows of business flow, information flow, capital flow, bill flow, and cargo trajectory flow. At the same time, the platform is involved in the freight business of shippers and drivers throughout the entire process, and based on massive amounts of real business data, it has created a complete big data chain of capacity transactions. This ensures the authenticity of the business at the source and lays the foundation for the realization of freight safety and road transportation safety.

Secondly, CSC Smart Transportation is establishing a 'four-in-one' transportation trajectory positioning system consisting of vehicle-mounted Beidou positioning, mobile GPS positioning, operator LBS positioning, and Internet of Vehicles equipment to achieve real, real-time and effective 'cargo trajectory flow' monitoring. , It also has an operation management team and an operation guarantee team all over the country to follow up and continuously track the trajectory of vehicles in transit. It can be said that technical supervision is only one of the means, and the combination of a complete and well-established safety management team is the real safety management. The combination of the two realizes safe and efficient logistics transportation, effectively avoids the hidden safety hazards in the transportation of goods, and fully demonstrates the rich logistics scene management experience of China Storage Intelligence Transportation. At the same time, CSC Smart Transportation uses mobile Internet means to continuously carry out driver safety knowledge questions and answers, safety education and training on the C Reserve Smart Transportation APP, which facilitates drivers to receive safety education remotely, which not only ensures the publicity and implementation of safety education, but also does not affect drivers' running Make money.

Not only that, credit is also an important factor to ensure the safety of freight and road transportation. The requirements of the online freight platform for the credit system are not only for drivers, but also for the cargo owners to establish a complete set of credit security big data. In this regard, while strengthening the construction of the review mechanism, China Reserve Smart Transportation also paid more attention to the establishment of the credit system. It independently developed the 'walnut credit score' for drivers and cargo owners, using big data technology and based on the corresponding indicator dimensions. Constructed a 'driver credit model' and 'cargo owner credit model', and customized a new credit scoring system for the field of online freight, which is important for the innovation of financial products in the logistics industry, the establishment of platform member credit databases, and the integrity of the logistics credit system significance.

Obviously, the network freight platform represented by China Storage Intelligence Transportation has formed an airtight and safe “closed loop” from production to storage and transportation, fulfilling responsibility for life, industry, responsibilities and public interests, and fully embodies the network The freight platform has a huge advantage in ensuring safe production in the logistics industry.
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