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Tianjin Airport Cargo completes Tianjin's first

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-16

China Civil Aviation Network correspondent Xu Tingting reported: At 22:20 on May 8, the China Airlines G54903 flight from Mandalay to Tianjin landed smoothly at Tianjin Airport, marking the successful maiden flight of the Mandalay-Tianjin-Mandalay flight. The freight company completes the guarantee task safely and efficiently. The flight will perform the first flight on May 8th, one flight on May 15th and 22nd, and the normal flight schedule starting on May 26th according to the schedule of every Wednesday, Friday and seventh.

In order to successfully complete the first flight support task for the flight, the freight company deployed in advance, formulated a support plan, and made a clear division of labor to make all preparations. Learn more about the support information of the newly opened routes, flight schedules, etc., refine the corresponding support standards, do the maintenance and repair of the vehicles and equipment in advance, and work closely with each post to ensure the flight service guarantee.

The opening of the direct Tianjin-Myanmar route to Myanmar has expanded the Tianjin airport route network and successfully built a fast and convenient 'air bridge' between the two places. Freight companies will continue to deepen the 'true service' concept, show safe, high-quality, and efficient service guarantee capabilities, and help Tianjin Airport develop faster and better.
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