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Things You Need To Know When Shipping Gold And Silver

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-24

Of all factors to consider in shipping gold and silver and other valuables, shipping them in full insurance is one of the safest ways. In the United States, US post office registered mail or Express Mail with full insurance is very secure. Other ways similar to First Class or Priority Mail is less secure that is why it is wise to make it insured as the package might get lost, stolen, or damaged and you will not find a guarantee to have it shipped successfully or safe unless it is insured.

Shipping services like Express Mail has an online tracking number that's updated from the beginning of the shipment to its destination. It takes one or two days therefore it's very quick. Another service you may consider is with Registered Mail, wherein all postal employees who handle the parcel of your shipment must sign for it. But the downside of it is that it will take two long weeks or perhaps longer before it reaches its destination.

A different way is with private carrier like UPS or FedEx, which is at least thrice the price of Express Mail. But in using private carrier you must have your own insurance regardless of the primary cost. In case you are shipping a lot lower value of package you might consider selecting FedEx or UPS for either ground or overnight.

One more thing to consider in shipping silver, gold or other valuables is to pick a signature required shipping service no matter how much it cost, paying a couple of bucks is better than getting a trouble with the shipment of your valuable. When shipping your valuable items, do not let it look distinctive. For instance, do not put gold, silver, precious metals, coins, jewelry, watches, diamonds at the package. A number of private insurance companies will not pay the expense of a package shipped with labels of such like.

It is not recommended that you ship valuables like gold and silver on Fridays and Saturdays because post offices are have no deliveries on weekends and in result, it will likely be stock at the post office making your valuable more prone to theft. Here's a sample process of shipping your gold, silver or other precious metals to sell to a dealer:

a. You will receive a shipping package from the dealer wherein you will be able to request from their website. This is usually insured depending on value of the items you are sending. The package kit includes item lists for you to fill out, such as the description of every item you are sending, you should not forget to maintain a copy for yourself.

b. The shipping package will either come from US Mail, UPS, and FedEx, and will have a designated tracking number you and your dealer could use to track the shipment exactly where and to who, it was delivered.

c. An assigned technician at your dealer will examine the items for value and then take a photograph of all the items, the itemized list filled out, and the package they arrived in. The technician will fill out an evaluation form after that and the form states the value placed on each item with its total.

d. A check will now be sent to you for the stated amount, and if you're satisfied you will just cash the check and the sale is completed. You can ask your items to be returned to you and send the check back to your seller in case you are unsatisfied.

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