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The severity of the failure to pick up the goods

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03

Saudi Arabia

   Special attention must be paid to the shipment of goods to Saudi Arabia, which must be coordinated with the importer, and the goods shall be picked up as soon as possible when they arrive at the port, or be prepared for resale and return in advance. Otherwise, the goods will be confiscated and auctioned by the customs as soon as two weeks after they arrive in Hong Kong.


  Indonesia Customs has given relatively more time to deal with the issue of the cargo stuck in the port-60 days. If unclaimed goods are found, the customs will notify the owner of the goods in writing as soon as they are discovered. If no one picks up the goods for more than 60 days, the goods will be confiscated and auctioned.


The detention period of the goods in the customs is 4 months, starting from the date of submitting the declaration form and the general list of goods or issuing the warehouse receipt. Before the end of the 4-month detention period or just before the end of the detention period, the owner can Apply to Iran Customs for an extension of the detention period, which can be extended for up to 4 months. The goods that exceed the detention period will not go through the declaration and customs clearance procedures within 20 days from the date of issuance of the warning notice, and the goods will be auctioned immediately.


  If the goods entering Turkey are not picked up within 45 days (if the importer cooperates, you can apply for an extension), the customs has the right to auction, and generally the original importer has the right of first refusal. The buyer can apply for the extension twice without reason, 30 days each time, and if it fails to apply, it will be deemed to have been automatically abandoned; when the goods are returned, the exporter must not only pay the customs clearance fee, but also show the original consignee's declaration of agreeing to abandon the goods.
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