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The piano shipping note

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
Shipping abroad what should pay attention to the piano? Many VIPU international logistics Supply Chain of customers have the question. Piano belongs to the category of the personal belongings, and so on product category and other furniture, and personal items and no difference. Particularity due to shake, humidity and so on in the process of shipping, packaging is particularly important factor in the piano, need to pay attention to the following matters, to walk, to avoid the vibration caused by sound and parts deviation, piano shoulds not be too much vibration 2, suitable temperature and humidity, good ventilated environment is playing the piano performance and acoustic quality necessary for best performance. In general, the relative humidity of 40 ~ 70%; The appropriate temperature of 20 ~ 25 ℃ is ideal. Some internal components of the piano, such as wood, cloth, felt's impact on the environment is extremely sensitive, damage will be affected by any carelessness. 3, inside the piano not immersed in water, otherwise it will cause the rust of the metal, action deformation and serious consequences. 4, since seal placed when shipping, once they reach their destination as soon as possible to open the packing with dry soft cloth to wipe the keyboard 5, it's better not to remove the piano when handling parts, if special reasons such as limited by space must please experienced professionals. 6, to check whether the packing box is sturdy, when handling to prevent casing damaged piano loose, fight violent vibration and turbulence in the process of handling the piano is in commonly 200 to 240 kg weight, horizontal piano is in commonly 290 to 490 kg. Due to the valuable and vulnerability of the piano, must find a professional piano before shipping packaging company packaging and handling handling. ( AD time) VIPU international logistics Supply Chain for many years specialized in international logistics business, business skilled personal items packaged and the porters, the protection of international shipping for piano work is absolutely trustworthy, welcome to contact the international shipping business of our company to negotiate the piano.
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