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The old immigration advise others where you need to pay attention to logistics to the United States

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
The United States as the world's first big country, is that many immigrants want to go to the country. Last year 2016 alone, the number of Chinese immigrants to the United States accounted for 37% of the total number of immigrants. Both in terms of education, developed or living environment, the United States has the incomparable advantage. Applications more natural threshold is high, the U. S. immigration visa more strict than any other country, this believe everyone heard. Even more difficult still have a lot of people want to immigrate to the United States, whether for himself for the sake of his family or for children. Many migrants on the Internet before logistics various search strategy, want to know what need to pay attention to logistics to go to America where, after all, is the first immigrants want to borrow a n experienced person to experience many places to avoid repeating them. Today we VIPU international logistics Supply Chain is a great pleasure for me to please we ever service to a client, immigrated to the United States many years ago, as a n experienced person, let him tell you what place need to be aware of logistics to the United States. 1, the voltage. Many migrants in logistics will choose the handling appliances at the same time in the past, quite apart from the electrical appliances through the customs may collect taxes, when you want to know American household voltage with China's domestic voltage is not the same. American household voltage is 110 v, and in the domestic household voltage is 220 v, the voltage is not the same. Domestic appliances have the voltage applied to the part is in 110 v to 220 v, can be used in the United States, but there are some household appliances can be used in the United States. Please carefully when we immigrants in logistics illustrations of the household electrical appliances, prevent electric equipment shipped to the United States cannot use quite a shame to lose. 2, price. Some U. S. cities prices relatively prices are much lower than the domestic first-tier cities, to know that no matter which country is the gap between rich and poor, even the United States is not exceptional also. Immigrants can't we have a fixed thinking, a lot of things to know trade-offs, value of goods is very low, there is no necessary to carry. New immigrants in many countries will have an opportunity to tax exemption to carry personal items and furniture, the United States is no exception. New immigrants can take advantage of this opportunity to bring something higher value, such as calligraphy and painting collection, piano, big furniture can be carried. 3, with items. Except expressly forbidden items when there are many items go through the customs is easy to customs inspection, like many immigrants like tea, because it is difficult to buy in the United States, at the time of logistics to the United States will carry a little tea. Tea can bring, but not too much, the customs while on a watch list and more are more likely to split open a case inspection, the resulting costs should be borne by himself. Like hose wine with tea and immigrants to the United States, those items usually require a separate customs declaration, customs clearance is very troublesome, suggested that do not carry. Taobao now so developed, what want to taobao search can be found, why at the time of logistics to carry the past so trouble? 4, inspection and quarantine. No matter which industry in the United States is the world's developed countries, laws and regulations are very sound, the United States environmental protection is very good, this also with related regulations about the relationship. Australia is known to all in environmental protection is very extreme, the strength of the United States is not far behind. Any items related to the environment such as milk, meat, dirt, etc are forbidden band items. Can we still remember the people in the town road, wang baoqiang, before the plane because regulations are not allowed to carry on the milk, directly to the airport to drink a whole bottle of milk glug of fun. Although just a joke, but also from the side reflects the rigorous law. New immigrants don't carry in the logistics time try holding the attitude, once be found would be destroyed on the spot, serious still can affect your chance to go to the United States. Through the above the old immigrants, believe that immigration to the United States for logistics to go to America to you need to pay attention to have a certain understanding. VIPU international logistics Supply Chain to help customers in the international logistics, will take the initiative to reminded everyone, logistics articles carried by the matters needing attention. If you have any questions about the logistics to the United States need to know, welcome to online customer service.
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