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The new charter flight is ready to go! What are

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-30
In the early morning of June 16th, a Boeing 737-300 cargo charter plane of Leap Express Group will take off from Tianjin Binhai International Airport. The flight will carry a batch of important materials from Leap Express to Wuxi Shuofang International Airport. This marked the official entry of the 13th all-cargo charter flight across Express.

This is another major move by Leap Express in the field of air cargo after the maiden flight of the 'Wuxi ? Shenzhen' cargo charter flight and the signing of China Eastern Logistics to jointly promote the 'passenger and cargo integration'.

With such intensive air cargo, what are the foresights?

Escort three 'world-class city clusters'

Spanning air capacity and then upgrading

Since the opening of Beijing Daxing International Airport in September 2019, the coordinated development level of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei airport cluster has been significantly improved, and the overall service level, intelligence level, and operation management have gradually approached the international advanced level. This world-class airport cluster has also revitalized the air cargo exchanges between Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and the Pearl River Delta and the Yangtze River Delta.

These three world-class urban agglomerations have always been the 'main battlefield' for the layout of the express business. A large number of corporate customers choose to take air cargo, hoping to improve the timeliness of logistics, compress the supply chain cycle, and seize the 'post-epidemic market.' Today, at a critical moment of economic recovery, the task of escorting the supply chain of an important economic town has also fallen on logistics companies like Leap Express.

Card slot scarce resources

Dislocation competition creates a blue ocean

Mainly engaged in 'limited time express' services, it has created a 'domestic time limit' industry precedent in the logistics industry. It is the first in the industry to launch three inter-provincial time-sensitive products such as same-day delivery, next-day delivery, and next-day delivery. Piece-oriented development strategy.

In 2009, Leapfrog successfully opened four night charter flights, realizing the special time limit of 'night departure and morning arrival'. In 2017, the 'Pearl River Delta-Yangtze River Delta' night flight charter promoted domestic and inter-provincial express transportation. Services have been accelerated from '8 hours across provinces' to '6 hours across provinces'.

'Timeliness' has become the most powerful weapon to cross the moat of express transportation and penetrate the giant moat, and it has also become the basis for its ability to stand in the competitive landscape surrounded by wolves. At the same time, in the industry, it has also received praise from the industry as 'quickly looking for a leap' in the industry. .

Today, Leap Express has 13 cargo charter flights, further demonstrating its ambition to dominate the air cargo industry.

'Integration' and China Eastern Airlines

New situation of exhibition express

Leaping Express not only grabs passenger aircraft resources in the air, but also establishes strategic partnerships with powerful airlines. On May 29, Leap Express officially signed a cooperation agreement with China Eastern Airlines, launching a new model of air cargo-'passenger-to-cargo' and 'passenger-cargo charter' in parallel, achieving a further upgrade in air transport capacity. This move also marks that in the 'post-epidemic era', the cooperation between the aviation industry and the logistics industry will take a new step and write a new chapter in the fast-moving industry.

The innovative form of 'passenger-to-cargo' jointly explored by Leap Express and China Eastern Airlines is undoubtedly a mutual benefit and win-win situation for both parties. In the current economic recovery period, the aviation capacity can be fully released and the stable transportation of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain will be promoted. For Leap Express, on the express track that pursues timeliness, speed up and upgrade again, with a fast commercial response rate, staged to take food from the tiger's mouth of the logistics giant.

In recent years, with the entry of giants and capital, express and express have begun to enter each other's hinterland, competition will become increasingly fierce, and the industry structure is quietly changing. In the future, with the development of China's economy and the advancement of new infrastructure, the importance of logistics will become more and more prominent.

The opening of the 'Wuxi ? Tianjin' cargo charter flight route across Express will further improve its domestic air cargo service network. While improving the speed and efficiency of air express transportation in East and North China, it will also provide a powerful force for the recovery of the economy and people's livelihood. Guaranteed.
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