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The most comprehensive way of U.S. customs clearance

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-09-03
China is a major producer and trader in the world. Every year, many products are exported to all parts of the world. Although the exporting countries are different, each country's import and export needs to be cleared. So today we will talk about exporting to the United States. The contents of customs clearance of the goods.

There are many trade methods for exporting goods to the United States. The United States import customs clearance fees and taxes for some goods are paid by the shipper. In this case, the US customs clearance bank will require China to sign a POA before shipping. It means the power of attorney, which is similar to the power of attorney used in customs declaration in my country. Then we will explain the procedures and documents needed for customs clearance in the United States one by one.

Let us illustrate with an example, if we are from the US DDP to the door, there are usually two ways to clear customs:

First: Customs clearance in the name of the American consignee

This way of customs clearance is that the American consignee provides POA (ie PowerOf Attorney: Power of Attorney) to the American agent of the freight forwarder. At the same time, it also needs the Bond of the American consignee

Second: Customs clearance in the name of the shipper

In this way of customs clearance, the shipper provides POA (ie PowerOf Attorney: Power of Attorney) to the forwarder at the port of shipment, and the forwarder transfers it to the agent at the destination port. The US agent helps the shipper to apply for the importer's customs registration number in the United States. At the same time, the shipper is required to purchase Bond.


1. Regardless of the above two customs clearance methods, you must use the Tax ID (also called IRS No.) of the US consignee/consignee to clear customs. American consignee/consignee must provide Tax ID to clear customs.

2. IRS No. means The Internal Revenue Service No. means a tax identification number registered by the US consignee with the US Internal Revenue Service.

3. Without Bond, the customs cannot be cleared in the United States.

4. Without Tax ID, the customs cannot be cleared in the United States.

For this type of trade, the US customs clearance process is as follows:

First: After the customs broker receives the arrival notice and possesses the documents required by the customs, it can prepare to arrive at the port or apply for customs clearance within five days after arriving at the inland point. Customs clearance is usually notified within 48 hours if it is released (by sea). Airlift will be notified within 24 hours. Some cargo ships have not yet arrived, and the customs has decided to inspect them. Most inland points can make a pre-declaration (PRE-CLEAR) before the arrival of the goods, but the results will only be displayed after the arrival of the goods, that is, after ARRIVAL IT.

There are two ways to declare to the customs, one is electronic declaration, and the other is that the customs needs to review written documents. For these two methods, we must prepare the required files and other data information.

Second: Documents required for customs declaration: (1) Bill of lading (B/L) (2) Invoice (COMMERCIAL INVOICE) (3) Packing list (PACKING LIST) (4) ARRIVAL NOTICE (5) such as With wooden packaging, a fumigation certificate (FUMIGATIONCERTIFICATE) or a non-wood packaging statement (NON WOOD PACKING STATEMENT) is required. The name of the consignee (CONSIGNEE) on the bill of lading needs to be consistent with the consignee shown on the last three documents. If there is any inconsistency, the consignee on the bill of lading must write a letter of transfer of goods (LETTER OF TRANSFER). Go to customs clearance. The S/ & C/ name, address and telephone number are also required on the invoice and packing list. Some domestic S/ documents lack this information and will be required to fill in.

Third: If you want to clear customs again inland, you need to do a cut I.T.---Immediate Transit. We need to provide I.T.#, the effective date (DATEISSUED), the place of departure and the place of end (PLACE ISSUED AND ENDED). The inland customs will use I.T# to control and release.

Fourth: release goods

(1) In the previous ABI system, the shipping company terminal was directly connected to the customs, which means that if the customs releases in the ABI, the shipping company and the terminal can see it. After the trial of AMS, large-scale shipping companies such as EVER GREEN, APL, MAERSK, COSCO, CSCL, etc. are also connected to AMS, but the terminal does not. Therefore, the customs releases in AMS. These shipping companies and NVOCC AMS FILER can simultaneously see that the shipping companies help to update the terminal system at the same time; small shipping companies, such as SINOTRANS, LYKES, GWS, etc., do not connect to AMS, so they only It can be released through NVOCC AMS FILER fax NVOCC letter of guarantee and copy of customs pass (CUSTOMS FORM 3461). These shipping companies will manually update the terminal system after receiving the fax.

(2) The terminal/shipping company's delivery terminal is connected to the shipping company. If the freight is prepaid and the bill of lading is released by telex, the terminal will automatically release the cargo to the truck company as soon as the customs releases it. Customers in the United States do not need to come to exchange orders, so the US agent has no way to help with deductions. This is completely different from China. Therefore, the loading port has not received the customer's freight, so do not do the shipping company's large bill of lading telex or pre-paid freight.

(3) For goods delivered inland to inland, the shipping company will give a PICK UP# after customs clearance. The agent will notify C/ after receiving this PICK UP#. The truck company will pick up the goods with this number. This number has to wait: A, The cargo arrives at the storage yard and is unloaded from the train to the container B. After the customs release, C and the shipping company can release it. You can't get any of them. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to track the inland cargo. / Until you receive PICK UP#.

The above may be more detailed, so the operation process of the US agent import goods is summarized as follows:

A. Receive the agent’s documents (should include: 1+ B/L, M B/LCOPY+D/C NOTE), and enter it into the computer.

B. One week before the arrival of the goods, they began to request the arrival notice from SSL or CO-LOADER, so the OP of the loading port must write the arrival date on the D/C NOTICE, which will help the US agent to check the arrival date in time.

C. After receiving the arrival notification of SSL or CO-LO, enter it into the computer and send it to C/ and their customs broker (if you know who).

D. Receive the original bill of lading or ocean freight from C/ or customs broker. Immediately send us the freight and original bill of lading to SSL or CO-LOADER by courier or courier. This will usually arrive within 24 hours. If there is an IC, we will send them to SSL or FAX together.

E. After SSL receives the bill of lading and fees, enter the computer to release the goods. If it is sent to CO-LOADER, they will repeat (the above D) and send it to SSL to release the goods. Therefore, CO-LO goods will be released one day to one and a half late, and C/ will complain.

F. For goods going inland, track the goods itinerary until PICK UP # and FAX to C/.

G. Do door-to-door goods, send D.O. (DELIVERYORDER) to the truck company and contact the harvest warehouse after delivery, until the receipt is confirmed, some C/ need POD, and then get it from the truck to C/.

H. SOC traces the box back to the designated storage yard (requires C/ to check the return box when releasing the goods).
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