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The last time for international students return home to some of the problems carrying all their belongings

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-10
After students out well, ready to work back home. Study abroad for so many years, accumulated some luggage, or gifts for friends and family, think of to domestic, VIPU Supply Chain international small make up remind students here in front of the home had better do their homework first, understand China's customs policy. About the returnees, carrying all their belongings VIPU international logistics Supply Chain according to many years of experience, sum up experience: 1, the returnees have influence to carry personal items? A gift also need to pay the tax? The customs have not will make a distinction between students and ordinary passengers. But in general as long as it is for personal use items, little influence on students. Integrated customs regulation, residents in maintaining passenger entry items 5000 yuan tax-free limit, on the basis of allow it to increase in duty-free port into a certain number of duty free order, along with the overseas duty free order total is less than RMB 8000. If beyond the allowance, China customs will be part of beyond, carried out in accordance with the line post tax levy. China's General Administration of Customs issued the law of the People's Republic of China on imported articles dutiable price list '. 2, students for the last time to carry personal items, what should I do? If is the last time to return home, students need to be dealt with in advance to the local embassy of the People's Republic of China 'that returned people', as one of the to enjoy the preferential policies such as tax deduction certificates. Study abroad returnee prove that is by the Chinese embassy ( Get) Library education, Group) Issued by the students studying abroad to pursue advanced study in study abroad, to visit the proof material, normal university (enterprises in foreign countries College) Registered study, degree, research institutions and is engaged in the study, cooperation study and academic visit six months of study, in finish ( Rachel) Before or after work and determine to settle all can to the Chinese embassy in the local embassy or consulate education ( Group) Apply for to deal with. Check the certificate returned people online application shows that can access the embassy official website. The items are returned, there is no legal tax avoidance channel, only by returned overseas Chinese or high-level personnel ( High-level personnel certification) The identity of by the customs according to relevant laws and regulations to declare pay taxes. Didn't have a material impact on tax amount entry way. If by sea, such as larger items such as furniture, in addition to transportation costs, and value added tax, and to provide the invoice, certificate of fumigation and phytosanitary certificate, certificate of origin, etc. At home has many for China's shipping companies, such as VIPU international logistics Supply Chain, most can provide whole process service, that is, from the United States take goods to China local delivery, furniture, for example, $30000 worth of furniture, freight and taxes and fees is in commonly 8000 to 10000 dollars. If by air, also need the related return at the port of entry. Generally returned personnel, such as the big-ticket items such as furniture, TV, usually selected as baggage. Whether by air or by sea, the self-used articles ( Non-trade) Line needs to be paid according to regulations by tax, tax rate is the same as carry-on baggage. 3, whether the returnees can take private car? If it is the ordinary returned students studying abroad for the last time to return home, to obtain the certificate returned people to buy domestic or joint venture production car a car, can avoid parts import taxes, generally 100000 yuan can tax 5 to 6000 yuan. If it is returned (high-level personnel High-level personnel certification is required) , can carry overseas purchase for personal use, small cars a customs tax according to related regulations. In either case, however, did not exist can carry car entry tax-free. 4, students need to prepare what material in advance through customs? The last home students, need to hold the certificate returned people. In addition to id card and passport, students need to keep the articles carried by large commodity invoice ( 发票) Or shopping receipts can prove goods such as amount of the bill. When pass, to communicate with the customs officers need to take the initiative to declare and explain, for example what was bought in China. Self-used goods best dismantle packaging, once need unpacking check, can also save unnecessary trouble.
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