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The first process of auto parts delivery fba chooses

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-10
Ms. Yin is the head of an e-commerce company in a foreign trade company. The company is mainly engaged in auto parts products. She recently received an order from a US Amazon customer and needs to send a batch of auto parts to Los Angeles. Since the service quality of the logistics company she worked with before was not high, and Miss Yin was not very satisfied with their time-sensitive prices, she decided to find another international freight forwarder to cooperate. Ms. Yin learned about it on the Internet and found that there are still many international freight forwarders. However, when she saw a VIPUTRANS logistics company specializing in China-US dedicated shipping, she also felt that it was more suitable for her needs, so she communicated and consulted on the Internet.

Customer service Joanna arranged for the salesperson TOM to receive Miss Yin. After some communication, Miss Yin’s shipment was 300KG, and Miss Yin wanted to take the China-US special shipping route, so TOM immediately made a quote based on the cargo situation. TOM also told Ms. Yin that she usually takes fba to ship bulk cargo to Los Angeles in the United States, and the time limit can be cleared to the door within 28 days.

Ms. Yin also compared with other freight forwarders through specific understanding of price aging and operation, and finally chose to cooperate with us. VIPUTRANS also achieved efficient information feedback and timely communication in the service. This made Miss Yin very satisfied, and she also felt our professional knowledge level in the communication with the sales staff, so she was relieved to choose to cooperate with us. Soon Miss Yin delivered the goods to our warehouse, and as soon as the shipping schedule was reached, they could be shipped out of the warehouse and loaded into containers immediately.

VIPUTRANS International Logistics focuses on Sino-US shipping double clearing. We have always adhered to high-quality services to meet the different needs of customers, all for the sake of customers, seeking truth from facts and making the best transportation plan for customers. Amazon fba chooses VIPUTRANS' China-U.S. special line for door-to-door transportation, allowing you to keep track of the cargo transportation situation at any time, worry-free throughout!
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