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The first intelligent unmanned warehouse in bulk

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-08-01
On June 14, the first intelligent unmanned warehouse for bulk logistics built by VIPUTRANS Logistics was officially opened, attracting hundreds of professional media from across the country to gather in Qingdao to participate in and witness this industry event.

It is understood that the first intelligent unmanned warehouse in bulk logistics not only takes the lead in the industry to focus on the application of panoramic intelligent scanning stations, joint robots, gantry picking robots and other intelligent equipment, but also adopts artificial intelligence technologies such as visual recognition and intelligent control algorithms. , Fully demonstrated the latest achievements of VIPUTRANS logistics layout 'new infrastructure', and continue to lead the new direction of user-centric scene logistics development.

New engine: the first intelligent unmanned warehouse in bulk logistics

Large products such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and water heaters are closely related to the lives of ordinary people, but due to their large size and fragility, it is difficult to realize automated and unmanned operations in the storage process. Looking at the whole country, VIPUTRANS Logistics is based on user experience needs. It has an early start and a high starting point in the field of intelligence. It continues to iterate and innovate on the basis of building the country's first large-scale logistics intelligent warehouse. Now it has built the first large-scale logistics intelligent unmanned warehouse. .

In addition to a large number of leading intelligent equipment, the unmanned warehouse also has a 'smart brain'-the scene logistics ecological cloud platform. Under the command of this 'brain', all intelligent equipment is managed by a three-dimensional digital twin, and the eight core systems obtain all operational data to realize intelligent operation and matching of all links.

This intelligent unmanned warehouse is also an unmanned 'black light warehouse', which can operate 24 hours without interruption. At the scene, He Dengcai, vice president of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, said that the current consumption upgrade is in a period of consumption. New consumption requires new logistics, and new logistics requires new infrastructure. The first intelligent unmanned warehouse in bulk logistics is a pioneering initiative of new infrastructure. It also proves that VIPUTRANS scene logistics is once again in the forefront of the industry with 'limited scenes, infinite connections', 'unmanned warehouses, affectionate services', 'number of positions, countless iterations'.

New model: scene logistics, connecting users, small cars and factories

Different from traditional logistics that can deliver products, VIPUTRANS logistics deeply connects users, factories and 200,000 service soldiers, and builds a full-process zero-distance interactive scene ecological platform, which can obtain user feedback in time, and promote different links around users. Provide scene logistics solutions and iterate continuously under the diverse needs of the scene.

From delivering products to delivering scenarios to iterative scenarios, VIPUTRANS Logistics provides users with a precise, efficient and personalized scenario experience. For example, knowing that users have the pain points of inconvenient storage of treadmills, VIPUTRANS Logistics has iteratively developed a balcony fitness solution around the user's balcony scene fitness needs, and has also customized a fitness water program and a fitness diet plan with the ecological party.

In the practice of VIPUTRANS scene logistics, warehouses are no longer 'passing stations' for products, and logistics does not only mean 'transportation lines', but scene logistics that iterates continuously according to user needs. Nowadays, users can enjoy logistics services in VIPUTRANS logistics, such as on-demand delivery, delivery synchronization, complete delivery and other scene logistics services, completing the transition from user to lifetime user.

New ecology: resources are rushed in, and the scene logistics 'tropical rain forest' is built together

In the era of the Internet of Things, products will definitely be replaced by scenarios, and the industry will definitely be covered by the ecology. Logistics companies can create new scenarios and new experiences through cross-industry integration and joint drive, and form an endless 'tropical rain forest', in order to achieve a win-win evolution of the entire ecology.

By creating the best user experience, VIPUTRANS Logistics has accumulated a large number of lifetime users. In the scene logistics ecosystem constructed by VIPUTRANS Logistics, more than 3,000 cross-industry and cross-field high-quality ecological parties such as IKEA, Lin's Wood, Yadi, Yijian, and Casarte are rushing in. In the ecosystem, all parties continue to iterate the experience around user needs and gain value-added sharing. As the scale of the ecosystem continues to grow, this virtuous ecosystem continues to grow bigger and stronger, and continue to create new scenarios, realizing a positive cycle of users, ecological parties, and VIPUTRANS logistics.

Right now, the user enthusiasm in the '618' consumption season has been ignited, and the activation of VIPUTRANS intelligent unmanned warehouse will surely allow more users to enjoy a more extreme scene service experience!
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