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The difference between EMS international parcels and express _VIPUTRANS

by:VIPUTRANS     2020-07-02
At present domestic sellers engaging in international e-commerce is becoming more and more with the international parcel and at the same time express is becoming more and more obvious in this link rendered in weight lifting, VIPUTRANS international logistics in the specially made a distinction and analysis of the international express and international postal parcels. In essence the difference between international express service and international postal parcel business is the fundamental difference between the two belong to different social nature of service products: a surname (male Provide the public product) And private (a surname Merchants to provide private products) 。 International express ( DHL, UPS,联邦快递) Is developed with the development of e-commerce, we say it as a commercial Courier, can be understood as a businessman with express, its characteristic is aging fast, mail usually as long as 3 - around the world Five working days; International postal parcel service is essentially belongs to the universal postal union, is serving the people is convenient to the people of the business, without any commercial. Customs clearance abroad danger of the tariff is almost zero. International express and international postal parcel limitation on international express itself is the difference between a commercial, the sender and the sender is requiring a time limitation of the package. International express international urgent messages tend to be mail, urgent documents, urgent samples first choice, its limitation is usually 3 - Five working days; International postal parcel in terms of aging as the international express delivery business, its limitation is usually 15 - 25 working days or so, general limitation for the 7 to express 10 working days, and chronic usually 2 - 3 months. International express delivery business on price difference due to its limitation is very fast, and the service quality is very high, tracking query is very convenient, can control the parcel dynamic momently, provide; Door to door & throughout; 、; Table to table & throughout; The convenience of service. So the price also relatively a lot of parcel post your; International postal parcel relative business express a cheaper price, the service quality is lower than the international express delivery, tracking international express no convenient and no international express high tracking accuracy. But the price is cheap, or by a number of international e-commerce sellers and ordinary flat the favour of people. Customs clearance sex international postal parcel express belongs to non-commercial express, and post in all countries in the world belongs to the state-owned units, the postal protected by national laws. In national customs have priority privileges, postal service, its customs clearance ability is much higher than commercial Courier, and danger of the tariff is zero. International express business because it is a commercial, danger of the tariff is relatively high, postal services and where risk is relatively high.
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