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Tew all kinds of Marine cargo ship classification and purpose!

by:VIPUTRANS     2021-02-07
When we shipping international logistics for cargo transport, today, there are a lot of large ship companies around the world. Marine cargo ship carrying the goods to as main purpose, most of the space used for pile of storage of the cargo hold of the goods. These goods in the variety of goods transport ships, depending on its USES the term also is not the same. You all know these ships is what kind? What is their purpose? Small make up to science for everyone today, detailed explanation in the form of pictures of various Marine ships, make you a second change to ship's knowledge. 1 dry cargo ship with carrying dry cargo is given priority to, also can shipping bulk cargo ship. Including general cargo ship, bulk carrier, multi-purpose ship three categories. General cargo ship is carrying into packages, bundles and barrels break-bulk is given priority to, also can some bulk cargo shipment of dry cargo ship. Bulk carrier is designed dry cargo transporting bulk cargo, such as the transport of grain, ore, coal and other bulk commodities, etc. Multi-purpose ship is carrying the container, wood, ore, grain or other groceries and other dry cargo ship the goods. 2 liquid cargo ship for carrying liquid bulk cargo ship. To transport oil, water, vegetable oil, alcohol, ammonia and other chemical liquids and liquefied gas. Mainly includes the oil ship, oil products, liquid chemicals ship, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG) ship, etc. Cargo of the inflammable, explosive, pollution to the environment after the shipbreaking, some highly toxic chemicals. Therefore, for these ships priority is the safety and reliability of transport. According to the degree of flammable liquid goods can be divided into three, including primary steam flash point of flammable liquid goods under 28 ℃; Secondary vapor flash point of flammable liquid goods at 28 ℃ ~ 60 ℃; Level 3 flammable liquid vapor flash point for goods above 60 ℃. At different levels according to the transport of flammable liquid goods, and the toxicity of liquid cargo and threat to the environment, transport industry to make a corresponding conventions and norms, and accordingly to different ship structure design. 3 reefer cargo transport fresh vegetables and perishable goods. It mostly operating in liner way, speed up to 20 ~ 22 kilometers per hour. In order to prevent the cargo being bad, often set multideck, and has the good function of heat and moisture resistance. According to the difference of the frozen form, reefer is divided into cold storage tank ship and refrigerated container ship. Cargo hold of the former into cold storage tank, the tank wall has good heat insulation function, the goods in the form of a tray or basket basket chamber. The latter's goods in the container, the container has two kinds, one kind of capacitor, cooler comes with a refrigerator; Another is clutch type cooler, without a refrigerator, freezer cryogenic cold air into the container by the ship. 4 container ship to improve the efficiency of transportation developed a kind of special transportation of container ships. Form thin, single continuous deck, tail machine, big power, fast speed, high stability requirement; Hatch opening ( Can be 70% ~ 80% of the beam) , size normalization, the average tonnage. 5 a car ro-ro ship carrying cargo vehicles or in a horizontal direction of loading and unloading of cargo ships in rolling way. It changes the traditional vertical loading and unloading process for the horizontal loading and unloading process, through & other; Roll on & throughout; Or & other Rolling down & throughout; To improve loading and unloading speed, reduce the time in port. Its main structure is deep is higher, the continuous deck ship, flat, ridge on arc and beam, no cargo hatch, with multideck and deck ramp or lifting gear, peripherals dock leveler. The superstructure and engine room is located in the stern, chimney in both sides. The following for double hull, main deck for stability, resistance to sink, fire ventilation, seakeeping and maneuverability are given special consideration. In China's coastal islands, the island between lu and on both sides of the Yangtze river, ro-ro use is common, but more for car ferry passenger transport. 6 barge commonly known as the mother ship, is a kind of special freight barge boat. Its means of barges and divided into lifting and floating of the two. It has the ship port time is short, loading and unloading speed is quick and is not affected by port depth limit and port congestion, is advantageous to the jianghai transport, etc. However, these advantages to sourcing organization, transport planning, distribution, lash barge and empty rejected to collect the strict organization and management can be displayed, otherwise there will be a suspension of lv. 7 barge itself has no power or only a simple propulsion system, relying on the tug or pusher driven or by barge transportation barge. Edit summary: after a small make up detailed illustrations, I believe you for cargo ship types and USES of the understanding of the. We are shipping international logistics, which is the use of container ship. Containers because of its standard size specification and operation process to become one of the most popular carrier, the world is large ship container utilization rate is the highest in the company's business order. 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